Corona rages around the world and increases.
Stage yourselves! Craft, invent, make music and more!

2021 is under the motto - GUIARS
A different guitar shape every month

MUKERBUDE asks the question:
Are electric guitars still contemporary?
The multitude of musicians listed below cannot hide the fact that the the extinction of the electric guitar. Over half are of advanced age and two have already passed away.
New blood on the electric guitar is not really in sight. Even if the dying guitar producers such as Fender and Gibson benefit from the great interest of women in electric guitars, this is just the proverbial whistle.

Can the electric guitar still be saved, or is jazz
and the few interested women not enough?

Allgemeine Zeitung - The electric guitar is dying out
Deutschlandfunk - When the guitar wail goes unheard
SPIEGEL Kultur - New heroes for old strings



First of all, I would like to thank you,
for agreeing to provide the MukerBude
a statement about electric guitars.

What is it that makes you (almost) exclusively play electric guitars?

"That's a good question, because in today's music business and market, acoustic guitars are now much more than electric guitars and electric guitars don't play a very innovative role in today's music. in today's music.

I was always fascinated by the sound of the electric guitar, especially the lead guitar, and I still regret the fact that I didn't get into electric guitars until late in life, that I only started playing the electric guitar late in life.
If I am honest, it was always my wish to play the electric guitar and I have pursued this goal all my life. my whole life.

I still have a hard time on acoustic guitars and I don't really like the handling and the sound. the handling and the sound - an exception is the flamenco guitar, because in this genre a similar genre, you can feel a similar musical fire as with the electric guitar.

The magic of the electric guitar lies above all in the fact that you can shape the sound in any way you like, be it with electronic electronic support, but also with a whole range of different playing techniques, which sound variety of this instrument to almost infinity.

I would compare the electric guitar with a violin. The sound that the body produces is actually ugly. The violin is scratchy, the electric guitar produces a rather muffled signal which sounds like nothing at all. But when you start to connect with the guitar, similar to the violin, this instrument allows you a maximum of emotional expression that you can hardly find on any other instrument.

Just the possibilities which are hidden in the vibrato, in the bendings and the bendings with vibrato, are what make up the magic of this instrument. Once you have mastered the electric guitar, you will be able to express himself emotionally and musically much more comprehensively than one could ever achieve with singing or other instruments. instruments could ever achieve.

Admittedly, the price for this kind of expression is an in-depth study of the electric guitar, but if you go the distance, you will be rewarded.

My musical mission today with my work in my HPCrazy Guitar Academy and the HPCrazy Guitar Nights is to be an inspiration for guitarists to go this way and to experience the fascination and love of this and love of this instrument for themselves.

That's what I've been committed to almost day and night for most of my life."

On behalf of the readers of MukerBude, I sincerely thank you for your competent, honest and remarkably emotionally moving plea for the electric guitar. Thank you

Folks, for those of you who really don't know Hanspeter Krüsi yet, now is the time, to get to know one of the world's best electric guitarists.
There are a number of specialists in the field of electric guitar, but none with this unbelievably perfect versatility of HANSPETER KRUESI.
Hanspeter Kruesi Home ........ HPCrazy Guitar Academy
event PEPPERS HP Kruesi ...... Gitarrist.ch Online Academy
Pianist.ch Agentur Pianist ...
YouTube Channel HP Kruesi below you can see his other channels

Insights into instrument making 03.2021
Godin Electric Guitar Factory Tour

Nylon strung electric guitars of the ExtraClass


E-Guitars in series
MukerBude- Acoustic guitars in series with recommendations
Godin - Nothing cheap but something special Grand Concert Deluxe
Cort - Full range of guitars from inexpensive to high quality
Squier Fender - Good Fender electric guitars at a reasonable price
Ibanez - Full range of guitars from inexpensive to high quality
Yamaha - Full range of guitars from inexpensive to high quality
For the smaller purse, I can recommend the guitars from CORT and Squier. Cleanly made, decent sound, no rivets.

MukerBude - Shops - Instruments and Accessories (New and Used)
Series guitars are available from the usual wholesalers and in your local shop. They are (perhaps) a little more expensive, but you have a competent contact person. and there's bound to be a small discount on your next purchase.

How to learn
MukerBude - WorkShops for learning to play the guitar

MukerBude - Notes - Tabs - Tracks - Loops

Know how
MukerBude - Knowledge around and about guitars
Gitarre & Bass - The Musician's Magazine - Offers this very detailed article about shapes and construction of electric guitars -> more

Music store KIRSTEIN

Musicians - YouTube Channel
Andres Colin

A very personal selection of the MukerBude

Virtuosos on E-Guitar

First, however, a particularly rare guitar duo
The Phil and Thommy Emmanuel Brothers - Live 1986
The guitar virtuosos parody two decades of guitar music

George Benson....... On Broadway
Joe Bonamassa....... Dust Bowl
Jacob Bro........... Evening Song
Ray Bonneville...... Crow John
Paul Brown.......... Boogaloo
J. J. Cale.......... Call me the Breeze
Larry Carlton....... Minute by Minute...
Ry Cooder........... The Prodigal Son
Rory Gallagher+..... Bad Penny
Mary Halvorson...... Code Girl 2020
Greg Howe........... Jump Start
Mark Knopfler....... Going Home
HansPeter Kruesi.... Livestream 2020
Nguyen Le........... Yellow Jackets Azure Moon
Sarah Longfield..... The Silent Voyage
Rob Luft............ Life is a Dancer
Lee Ritenour........ Rio Funk
Michael Sagmeister.. Sunny
John Scofield....... Boogie Stupid
Victor Smolski...... New Music Academy 2016
Frank Zappa+........ Live from Zoot Allures Album

Another musical treat from Ansbert
from his series 'Space Blues'


Corona rages around the world and increases.
Stage yourselves! Craft, invent, make music and more!

A little piece of music

2021 is under the motto - GUITARS


For the guitar tinkerers among you I have developed a small help, with which you can easily construct the body of concert and western guitars. can be constructed. In a few steps with the simplest geometry.

It's so easy kids can do it!

Insights into instrument making 02.2021

Maton (Australia) provides us with 15 construction reports

Acoustic guitars whose sound sets worldwide standards


DICTUM - First-class surface primer for wood treatment
rrradio - 18 radio streaming pages with 1000s of subpages

Acoustic guitars in series
MukerBude - Acoustic guitars in series with my recommendations
For the smaller purse, I can recommend you the guitars from CORT. Cleanly made, decent sound, no rivets.
Acoustic guitars from luthiers
MukerBude - Acoustic guitars from luthiers
Andreas Cuntz - Impressive variety of sounds with a special look
Greenfield Guitars Canada - sound & styles to fall in love with
Walter Kraushaar - Model EUROPA is simply sensational
Michael Ruhe - Patented scales with special sound

MukerBude - Shops - Instruments and accessories (new and used)
Series guitars are available at the usual wholesalers and in the store in your town. There they are (perhaps) a little more expensive, but you have a competent contact. For handmade guitars you should contact the master builder personally..

How to learn Guitar
MukerBude - WorkShops to learn how to play guitar

Sheet music
- Notes - Tabs - Tracks - Loops
- Songbooks
- Theory

Know how
MukerBude - Knowledge around and about acoustic guitars
Instruction - Simple construction aid for acoustic guitars
On Man's Guitar - Martin Understand Model Designations

Musicians - YouTube Channel
Gabriella Quevedo

Good that we do not understand music as a competition,
otherwise you machos would look extremely old.
A refreshingly clean playing young Swedish woman!

A very private selection of the MukerBude

Virtuosos on the Acoustic Guitar

First a very rare guitar duo
The Phil and Thommy Emmanuel Brothers - Live 1986
The guitar virtuosos parody two decades of guitar music

Muriel Anderson -- Paulownia
Björn Berge hat keine HomePage -- Slidestream - paypal him!
Ulli Boegershausen -- Hit the Road jack
Erik Borelius -- Heaven on their minds
John Butler -- Funky Tonight
Tommy Emmanuel -- Guitar Boogie Amazing Grace
Vicki Genfan -- Atomic Reshuffle
Sungha Jung -- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind
Kaki King -- A musical escape into a world of light and color
Bireli Lagrene -- PAUSE
Max Lässer -- Voralpeglüe
John Martyn + -- Live in Dublin 1987
Al di Meola -- Mediterranian Sun Dance
Igor Presnyakov -- Shape Of You
Vlatko Stefanovski -- Makedonsko Devojce-Subotom Ujutro
Jacques Stotzem -- Country Mile


Corona rages around the world and increases.
Stage yourselves! Craft, invent, make music and more!

A little piece of music

2021 is under the motto - GUITARS
A different guitar building form every month

The construction of my SECOND has finished....
Two months of planning and a year of intensive woodworking
Construction report of the SECOND - Her name "Round meets angular" - 14 (PDF)

Insights into instrument making 01.2021
Peter from the MukerBude shows how to build a concert guitar

Logo of the MukerBude

My SECOND - 'Round meets Angular' is ready to play
Their haptics are wonderfull smooth
Their workmanship is all-round neat and tidy
Their sound exceeds my wildest expectations

Building instructions
Forum - 'GitarreBassBau' - Collection of plans - Stencils - Drawings
MukerBude - Building instructions - Repair tips - Tonewoods - Tools
MukerBude - Construction report of the SECOND, see source-reference

Master builder
Bros Franzisco - Builds various interesting models - Alicante
Brunswicker & Apelt - Building Concert & Flamenco Guitars - Frankfurt
Cuntz Andreas - 1A guitars from master hand - Riedstadt-Crumstadt
Kobler Christina - Their guitars sound simply sensational - Haslach
Kress Bernhard - Workshop for concert & historical guitars - Cologne
Neumüller Hubert - Guitar Making - Restoration & Musicians - Lenggries
Perez Teodoro - His 50th anniversary is my dream guitar - Madrid
Voigt Luthiers - Builds finest master concert guitars since 1690 - Edling
And many many other excellent guitar makers
and last but not least all those who are resident in Granada

Dealers in Europe
La Sonata Flamenco - Promoting Authentic & Ethical Values - Belgium
Kent GuitarClassics - Dealers of the finest classical guitars - England
Guitar Concert Classical - The No. 1 of Luthier guitars - France
The Fellowship - A passion for guitars - Netherlands
die Gitarre - Die welt der akustischen Gitarre - Switzerland
Guitarras de Luthiers - Classical and Flamenco guitars - Spain
Dealers in Germany - a small selection
La Guitarra Flamenca - The sound of passion - Wiesloch
Merten - Studio für Meistergitarren - Saarbrücken
Mundo Flamenco - Guitarras de Artesania - Freiburg
Siccas Guitars - The world's finest guitars in one place - Karlsruhe
The global recommendations will be given next month

Guitar - How to learn
Forum - 'Gitarre Spielen Lernen' - Serious and competent
MukerBude - Workshops for learning to play the guitar

Notes - Learning
MukerBude - Book recommendations on learning to play the guitar
MukerBude - Sheet Music - Tablatures - Backing Tracks and Loops
MukerBude - Theory - learning notes is easier than you think
Peters - Small notes and harmony - My e-book for you

For recording your music and many electronic gadgets
Apps - Converter - Mixing & Mastering - Recording - Rhythm - Tools
No normal person needs more

Know how
History of the Guitar - Rob Scallon - YouTube Video on the Guita

Guitars and Flamenco in Granada - 360° GEO Film Reportage
MukerBude - Knowledge around and about concert guitars
Stauffer Johann Georg - Invented the Viennese guitar & tuning mechanism

Musician - YouTube Channel
Marek Cupák plays Viennese guitar models after Stauffer

A very personal selection of the MukerBude
Margarita Escarpa - J. Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez
Marc Teichholz - Guitar Salon International - Bach Violin Score in D
Ana Vidovic - Guitar virtuoso in concert
John Williams - Concert from Aranjuez
Elena Zucchini - Fuoco from Roland Dyens

Muriel Anderson - Fantasia de Fuego...
... one of the most versatile concert guitarists of modern times
Duo - Cafe del Mundo - Dance of Joy
Jose Feliciano - Malaguena
Andrew York - Home

Charlie Byrd - Corcovado
Earl Klugh - This Time
Peter White - Bueno Funk


The Covid-19 pandemic is still far from having reached
the climax, it is about to increase enormously.
Make music, music and more music ...

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
High gloss painting needs time...
Guitar report the SECOND - 13 (PDF)

The year of stringed instruments

Insights into instrument making 12.2020
Obradoiro César Loureiro shows us the construction of a DrehLeier

UGears - An exciting and extremely interesting 3D puzzle

Building instructions
DrehLeier construction plans
Alexandra Betz takes over the renowned DrehLeier workshop Gotschy
Magnus Medman - Homemade DrehLeier
Mjlyam - Building a DrehLeier in pictures
Chaust1990 - KastenLeier Building instruction part 1
Chaust1990 - KastenLeier Building instruction part 2
David Meyer - Build, make music, design and decorate

Master builder
Sebastian Hilsmann Drehleier Workshop
Ulricus - Drehleiern and other medieval instruments
Karl M. Riedel - Drehleier building
Kurt Reichmann - German prehistoric rock in DrehLeier building
Helmut Seibert - DrehLeierbuilder with very extensive program
Wolfgang Weichselbaumer - Seeking the perfect sound

DrehLeiern are not easy to find and quite expensive. Therefore it makes sense to build a hurdy-gurdy yourself in a course under guidance, or with the help of free building instructions the construction of a simple DrehLeier into your own hands! A KastenLeier with three strings is completely sufficient.
Kit of a KastenLeier from Marga at Ekkehart Stegmiller

How to learn
Ina Lemm - The history of the DrehLeier - 1.2
Ina Lemm - The attitude of the DrehLeier - 2.1
Ina Lemm - Wadding the strings - 2.3
Ina Lemm - Learn to play DrehLeier - 3.1

Sheet music
Bordun und mehr - A very interesting music collection
Ina Lemm - Music pieces to listen to and replay
Armin Scherdt - Fantastic DrehLeier song collection as PDF

Guide sheet no. 16 - The DrehLeier
Patty Gurdy - Explains and plays a 12 string DrehLeier
Matthias Loibner - Explains and plays a DrehLeier
Medieval music
Rob Scallon - Hurdy Gurdy (The medieval wheel instrument)
WIKI - DrehLeier

Musician - YouTube Channel
Andrey Vinogradov a DrehLeier icon

WIKI - Small list of DrehLeier players

Guilhem Desq - Plays Cicatrices
Patty Gurdy - Plays Leaves and Lemons
Efrén López - Plays Bourrées de la Carrasca de la Vaca
Tobie Miller - Plays J. S. Bach Partita E Major, Preludio
Andrey Vinogradov - Plays Aequilibrium


The Covid-19 pandemic is still far from having reached
the climax, it is about to increase enormously.
MuBu recommendation - makes music, music, music...

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
Painting is pending, if only I did not have my pants so full
Guitar report the SECOND - 12 (PDF)

The year of stringed instruments
CELLO - The better sounding guitar

Insights into instrument making 11.2020
Fillipo Fasser shows us the construction of a cello in five episodes

Constructione cello dettagli I
Constructione cello dettagli II
Constructione cello dettagli III
Constructione cello dettagli IV
Maggini Commenti finali V


Junge Klassik - Discover the history of your favorite instrument
ViolinForum - Interesting conversation with cellist Julia Hecht

A short tip:
Do not buy your first instrument on the Internet from an unknown dealer or from a private person. You may be able to save some money, but you can also lose everything. Even the big instrument discounters are by far not always as inexpensive as they like to announce. Have a look at small dealers in the Net around and you will surely find what you are looking for.

musikschulwelt - Guide for music students and musicians
Arc Verona - Very well sorted dealer books - notes - instruments
Alfredo Clemente - Bow makers & dealers with the necessary know how
mezzo-forte - Handmade wood & carbon instruments + online consulting

As well as the usual suspects: Kierstein - MusikStore - Thomann etc.

How to learn
musikmachen.de - Information offers a first overview
Cello kaufen - Guide around the cello not only for beginners

Know how
Cello - Instrument of the year 2018 in Germany
Konzerthaus Berlin BLOG - 11 facts about the cello
Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Melodious plastic (carbon fiber)
paganino - Explains everything worth knowing about the cello
WIKI - Explains interesting facts about cello and violoncello

Master builder
Pablo Curantella - Luthier baut Violines - Violas & Violoncellos
Ricci - Builds Violins - Violas - Cellos & Basses made of carbon fiber
SINFONIMA - Introducing Amina Nova - new generation soundpost
Stegmüller & Stegmüller - Builds his conical string instruments
Xavier Vidal - The team builds excellent violins - Cellos & Double Basses
Luthier Vidal - Another remarkable construction report

Sheet music
Noten, Noten, und nochmehr Noten bis der Arzt kommt...
Bärenreiter Verlag Karl Vötterle - Music scores and books
Paganino - Instrument dealers with comprehensive sheet music for cello
Stretta Music - Over 8000 print media very well sorted for cello only

Musicians - YouTube Channel
Nathan Chan - Gives excellent advice for cellists

zur HomePage...

Cello virtuosos
WIKI - Extensive list of living and deceased cellists

Classic fM - The 16 greatest cellists of all time - Their opinion
Pablo Pau Casals - To the 140th birthday two years ago
Pablo Pau Casals - Plays Bach Cello Solo BWV 1007 - August 1954
Jacqueline Du Pré - British cellist of the absolute top class
Jacqueline Du Pré - Plays Dvorák Cello Concerto

Nicolas Altstaedt - Plays and conducts Haydn with SWR Symphony
Four Cellos Apocalyptica - Play Battery from Metallica
Mr. and Mrs. Cello - Playing Nuvole Bianche by L. Einaudio for 2 cellos
Sol Gabetta - Huge repertoire at home on the stages of the world
Sol Gabetta - Plays Haydn Cello Concerto in C Major
Marie-Elisabeth Hecker - Plays Haydn Cello Concerto in C Major
Jan Heinke - Steel-Cello and overtone singing - Winter Song
Mischa Maisky - Classical cellist among the best the Gegenward
Mischa Maisky - Plays Bach Cello Suite No. 3 in C major - homemade
Yo-Yo Ma - Plays A. Dvorak - Concerto for Cello b minor, Op. 104


The Covid-19 pandemic has not yet reached
the climax, it is about to increase enormously.
MuBu recommendation - makes instruments and music!

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
All around clean sanding and preparing for painting
Guitar report the SECOND - 11 (PDF)

The year of stringed instruments
HARP - The sound from another purer sphere...

Insights into instrument making 10.2020
Willi Corall shows us the construction of his hook harp

Willi Coralls HomePage

Ratliff Mandolins has launched a new series of videos on YouTube on 17.08.2020 weekly he shows the "construction of a mandolin" !

Handicrafts and kits
Building instruction - Martina Kieninger - Harp from household materials
Building instruction (YouTube video) for a rubber harp
Building instruction - Bosch DIY - from Mr. Weiss a little more complex
Kit - Historical Instruments - Ekkhard Stegmiller

Master builder
Willi Corall - Harp making - Siefersheim - Active harpist
Fischer Harps - Traunstein - The angels of musical instruments
Alexander Riedel - Concert harp making - Schwarzenberg MarkNeustadt
- KonzertHarfenbau Riedel - 16 minutes of the finest harp sounds
Henrik Schupp - Harpbuilder - In Hamburg-Altona

Sound Workshop Market Forest - André Schubert
Musik Fackler Harps - Traunstein -
Harp country - Friesack in Haveland - Camilla Pinder -
Glissando - Bernadette Kerscher - Röttenbach

Sheet musicNoten
Glissando - Bernadette Kerscher - The first introduction to the harp

Know how
Sarahs Music - The harp instrument of the year 2016
Lexikon der Musik - Harp - The structure and the different types
Harps WIKI - Sebastian Ahrens - Conveys comprehensive knowledge

Musicians - YouTube Channel

Nadia Birkenstock - Plays Celtic-Harp and sings

More remarkable channels from Mrs. Birkenstock ... Thanks

- 'Artists page' by Nadia Birkenstock on SPOTIFY

- 'Peaceful Harp' a wonderful collection of harp music
   by Nadia Birkenstock on SPOTIFY


Photographer: Thomas Zydatis

Lute virtuosos
Elias Paridh Alvars - 1808 - 1849 - Composer and harpist
Turlough O’Carolan - 1670 - 1738 - Irish National Composer

Duygu Aydogan - Plays a traditional Scottish song - Glenlivet
Nadia Biekenstock - Plays Carolans Farewell to Music - Keltische Harfe
Marianne Bouvette - Plays celtic folk song - Greensleves
Stephanie Claussen & Brittany Platz - Playing Road to Lisdoonvarna
Julia Cunningham - Plays the song The Butterfly - Author NN
Ella Harp - Plays a traditional Irish song - Monaghan Jig
Héloïse de Jenlis - Played by Debussy - Deux Arabesques
Mary MacMaster & Corinna Hewat - Da Day Dawn - Harp Meeting
- MMM and Sting - Christmas At Sea - Live Durham Cathedral
Loreena McKennit & Band - She moved trough the fair
Madis - Plays a LaserHarp - Carrying the fire
Lavinia Meijer - Plays a composition by Philip Glass
Valerie Milot - Played by Elias Parish - Grande fantasie
Harfenwunder Ronja - At this recording she was nine years young
Sophia Marie Schmidt - Played by Astor Piazolla - Bordel around 1900
Alan Stivell, Tri Yann, Dan Ar Braz, Gilles Servat - Tre Martolod
Amy Turk -Plays J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BWV 565
Andreas Vollenweider and Friends - The Woman and the Stone


The Covid 19 pandemic is not at its peak globally
and is likely to increase.
Stay home and make music with the simplest means!

The year of stringed instruments
LUTE from the Middle Ages to modern times

Insights into instrument making 09.2020
Clive Titmus shows us in four videos the building
of a lute from the 17th century

1. Making a lute mould
1.2 Making the lute body
2. Joining lute body and neck blank with an iron nail
3. Making the lute vertebrae

Susan Adams and Clive Titmuss' HomePage

You must listen to these wonderful musicians and their music!

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
The body is completely closed! It only needs the edge protection...
Guitar report of the SECOND - 11 (PDF)

Holiday tip - Abbey Kremsmünster Austria - World's oldest lute
The profession of the plucking instrument maker - Bayern Germany

Master builder
Hans Frei ca. 1450 - 21.11.1523 - Renaissance lutes
Liuto Forté - André Burguette & Prof. Günter Mark - Recommendation
- Lutes- Builder -Developer- Dealer, knowledge mediator and more!

Frank-Peter & Marcus Dietrich - Historical plucked instruments
Barbara Ferloni & Kai Schupp are Apizzico - Lutemaker
Renatus Lechner - Lutes and guitar building
Dietmar Schossig - Reproduction of historical plucked instruments
Martin Shepherd - English lutenist and lute maker

Folkfriends - The shop for special musical instruments in Hamburg Ekkhart Stegmiller Neu Ulm - First-class sorted instrument pool

German Lute Society e.V. - Matthias Schneider
Forums of the German Lute Society e.V.

Sheet musicNoten
Free-Score - Free sheet music for all
Thomas Koenigs - Notes transcribed for guitar
Musicalion - Downloadable sheet music for members

Know how
LuteMusic - Knowledge database and forum - Hans Stefan Müller
Lute Online Resources Portal (LORP) - A wide range of information
Musikwissenschaften - What does lute mean - Author Arrey von Dommer
Terra Musica - History of the lute - Publications directory
Van Edwards - Looking at the hand of the master when building the lute
WIKI - Sounds - Etymology - History and construction
YouTube-Video - The hystory of the guitar by Rob Scallon

Musicians - YouTube Channel
Quartetto di Liuti da Milano - Milan Lute Quartet

The HomePage of the Quartet

Music from the cultural epochs
RENAISSANCE late 14th to mid 17th century
and the BAROQUE 1650 - 1770

Lute virtuosos
John Dowland 1562/63 - 21.01.1626 - Formative lute composer
Piccinini Alessandro 30.12.1566 - 1638 - Italian
Piccinini Alessandro - BR Klassik - Report in words and pictures
Natacha Cabezas - Spielt Passacaglia von Alessandro Piccinini
Thomas Dunford - Recites John Dowland's Lachrimae ...
Gabriele Janneck - Plays spiritual songs from Adam Falkenbach
Lute Dor - Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula - Barock Insight 2
Mónica Pustilnik - Plays Piccinini
Matthew Wadsworth - Plays Toccata Nr. XI by A. Piccinini
Bor Zuljan - Plays A Fancy by John Dowland


The Covid-19 pandemic is at its peak worldwide
and is likely to increase.
Stays at home and does handicrafts with your kids!

The world mourns JULIAN BREAM the grandmaster of the guitar
died on 14.08.2020 at the proud age of 87 years

His homepage
His works
His music

The year of stringed instruments
Maybe you'll get a kick out of it with your kids.
to build such a simple guitar yourself.

Insights into instrument making 08.2020 - Cigar Box Guitar

Scrap Wood City - Gives suggestions for DIY

Here SWC shows us many of his realised ideas

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
The body is completely closed! It only needs the edge protection...
Guitar report of the SECOND - 10 (PDF)


August is the perfect month to dedicate
entirely to special musicians

Natalie Trayling - 80 year old plays interesting original compositions

Senior Citizen Plays Piano - A well staged performance
Costy plays Guitar - In Barcelona
Costy plays Flamenco - "Helo" Beyonce 2017 in Barcelona
Costy plays Classical Guitar - Get Lucky - Daft Punk in Barcelona
Music Flash Mob - An orchestra takes to the streets
Little lady playing - Play me, I'm Yours on a street piano
Andres Mac - Strawberry Fields Forever from The Beatles
Jenny O'Connor - Plays "The last of the Mohicans"
Harry Reichmann - Plays a 16:30 drum solo of the extra class
Royal Marines Corps of Drums & Drum Corps 17 in Royal Albert Hall
Lynsey Salter - An Irish step dancer - Sensational
Scottish tribal Pipes & Drums Band Clanadonia - "Ya Bassa"

Allie Sherlock & Phily Campbell - "Killing me Softly"
Allie Sherlock - Plays " Let It Be" from The Beatles
Allie Sherlock & Fabio Rodrigues - "Billie Jean" from Michael Jackson
Allie Sherlock & Phily Campbell - "Perfect" from Ed Sheeran
Allie Sherlock - Sings together with girlfriend Saibh Skelly

Tuba Skinny - Playing "Postage Stomp" - clarinets and wind instruments
Jerry Taha - Dusk till Dawn - Street musicians in Barcelona
Traditionelle Irische Street musicians
Tatsya Yasunaga - Spain Street guitarist in Barcelona 2016

Music sketches

Paul Morocco and Ole! - Fascinating comedy guitar band
Patrick Sebastien - playing the guitar juggling the guitar
Juzzie Smith - And his Oneman-Band - Schöppingen 2018

Handicraft Instructions

MedienDesign Moser - Building instructions for a paper guitar

Master builder

Honestly, dear people, you build such a thing yourself,
just now in Corona times... Look how the colleague
up in the construction report...

Darik Förster - Renowned CBG builder from Belgershain BRD
René Kubli - Cigar Box Guitars from Switzerland
C. B. Gitty - CBG from Rochester USA
CIGARBOX - CBG and much more know how from USA

Music|er|innen - YouTube Channel

Mike Snowden - CBG - Builder and Player



The Year of String music instruments
GRAND PIANO - Instrument of the month July

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
The beams under the ceiling and on the floor are in progress...
Guitar report the SECOND - 09 (PDF)

Insights into instrument making ( 7 - 20 ) GRAND-PIANO
Not a building report, but the restoration of a piano

Part 1 - Cabinet restoration and acoustic system

Part 2 - Keyboard mechanics and damping

Part 3 - Hammer heads, voices, intonation and sound test
Tobias Schmidt shows us the complex restoration of a Piano

The two experts at work...

Tobias J. Schmidt and Finn Luca Schmidt - HomePage

Dual training - to become a plucked instrument maker - guitar building
Plucking instrument maker - Professional information

Carl Bechstein - one of the really big concert grand piano builder
C. Bechstein - Video

Bösendorfer - The Austrian upper class of concert grand piano builders
Bösendorfer - Video

Steinway & Sons - One of the most fascinating concert grand pianos
Steinway & Sons - Video

Koichi Kawai - Building the Kawai concert grand piano since 2012
Shigeru Kawai - Video

Yamaha - First class grand pianos but not found in concert halls
Yamaha C3 - Most sold pianos - Video

E - Pianos und Keyboards

Official Luthier Forums - Who is interested in building for himself
GitarrenBoard - The big german speaking guitar forum

You can find who offers pianos in your city or surroundings in the yellow pages. E-pianos and/or keyboards are available at every well-assorted music store.
ROLI Seaboard Black Studio Edition - More than a complete chapel

How to learn
music2me - Yassin piano teacher - learn piano in only 8 minutes
music2me - Learn piano in just eight steps - read on
Learning to play the piano for beginners and returners
The MukerBude has prepared something for us - look here

News and Magazine
Instruments Building report - Table of contents of the issues

SoftWare APPs
DeinHandy.Magazin - The best free piano apps in test

Know How
Good keyboard on an electric piano - How to recognize a good keyboar
Bernd Dimbach Violin maker - small varnishreport and much more

Musician - YouTube Channels
Jacques Loussier - A life at the piano for Johann Friedlich Bach

Jacques Loussier + was die 05.03.2019

Piano Virtuosos
Vladimir Horowitz - piano recital 1987 in the Golden Hall Vienna
Hans Liberg - Toccata and Fugue in D minor for organ on piano
Jacques Loussier Play Bach Trio at the Jazz Week in Burghausen 2007
Olga Scheps - Fredéric Chopin Piano Concert Nr. 1 in e-minor
Yeol Eum Son - Mozart Piano Concert Nr 21 K 467
Daniil Trifonov - Sarahs Music Deutsche Welle Laieszhalle Hamburg
Yuja Wang - Sergej Rachmaninow Piano Concert Nr. 3 opus 30
Chick Corea and acoustic band - Live San Javier Jazz 2018
Duke Ellington and Orchestra - Live in Bergen 1969
Herbie Hancock Trio - Live in the Universe in Prague 2019
Ahmad Jamal - Poinciana - Live at the Vienna Jazz Days
Keith Jarrett - Cologne concert - Who does't know this has lost the time
Diana Krall - große Entertainerin - Live Newport Jazz Festival 1999
Thelonius Monk Quartet - Live in Norway and Denmark 1966
Oscar Peterson Trio - When Summer comes - Live in Montreal 2004
Hiromi Uehara - Dancando no Paraiso - Jazz in Vienna 2011
Joja Wendt - Plays Asturias by Isaac Albeniz (Spanish classic)
Steve Wonder - Crown Jewels Concert - Londoner Teddington Studios
Joe Zawinul + 2007 - Live at the Newport Jazz Festival 1997
Marco Parisi plays a ROLI-Seaboard together with a real saxophone
Guitar and Seaboard - Simply fascinating - Listen to it...



String music instruments

KORA - Instrument of the Month JUNE

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
Frames are bent - it's all about nesting ...
Guitar construction report the SECOND - 08 (PDF)

Insights into instrument making ( 6 - 20 ) KORA

Abou Diarra shows us the construction of the complex Kora!
It fascinates me to see that there are still people
to build such a multi-stringed instrument from the hand - respect !

Latest News
Handicrafts with children - self-made musical instruments
GEO lino - Handicrafts - musical instruments self-made
Heimwerker - Building musical instruments yourself
Making your own rubber harp - YT Video - My favourite
MusenKuss - Brian Cranford - Building instruments yourself
Smarticular - Making musical instruments from waste
No movement without rhythm -
A film by Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg

Master builder
Abou Diarra - Build Koras by hand with the simplest tools
Kumbengo Koras - Construction and sale - Jaroso USA and Malika Senegal

Afro ton - Kajela Röttger - Instruments of the world - Germany
Encore Arts - Cooper Koras and Electro Acoustic Koras - France
Kumbengo Koras - Construction and sale - Jaroso USA and Malika Senegal
MEHLIS Antiques - Catalog 2018 - With fascinating instruments
MEHLIS Auction house - With sensational classical instruments
KAYPACHA - Gonzales Luis Ceballo - Dealer for world music instruments
Dunum - F. und B. Bourgois - Brittnau Schweiz - world music instruments

How to learn Kora
Kora Lessions - Andrea teaches to play the Kora in great detail

APPs that turn smartphones and tablets into music instruments
SONGLINES - Simon Broughton - Magazine - The 10 best Kora albums
The Guardian - US Customs dismantle irreplaceable Kora from Mali

SoftWare APPs
Keezy Classic - Recorder loop machine drums and much more
PlayGround - Organic remix - tap the rhythm, the rest is done PG
Simply Piano from Joy Tunes - Learn keyboard with your smartphone
Tin Pan Rhythem - Helps you compose uad arrange

Know How
Doctoral thesis by Basma Hansen née El Khaldi on lignin,
as a universal material, which is the material that holds wood together

Kora Jaliya - Harald Loquenz - The art of the Kora and much more
Kora Music - The site explains the Kore and more - Mali
HJS Jazz - Hans-Jürgen Schaal - Kora - The Harp from Mali

Musicians - YouTube Channels
World Musician - Abou Diarra

Abou Diarra world musician - Here with one of his self-made Kora

KORA Virtuosos

Toumani Diabaté and Sidiki Diabaté - Jarabi
Abou Diarra - Instrumentalist and master builder
Ali Farika and Toumani Diabaté - Debe
Derek Gripper - Plays Kora on a guitar tuned for this
Sona Jobarteh - Gambia - A very great Kora-Musician
Josh - Winner of the 2018 Welsh Harp Festival
Kadialy - Senegalese Kora player live in London
Amadou Kouyate - Solo Kora Instrumentalist


String music instruments

ZITHER - Instrument of the Month

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
The neck is finished and i try to bend the sides...
Guitar construction report the SECOND - 07 (PDF)

Insights into instrument making ( 5 - 20 ) ZITHER

Ulrike Meinel shows us the complex construction of a zither

Ulrike Meinel - HomePage

BGH - Sampling is allowed if you do not recognize the original
Modulor - Worth knowing about wood written by Dr. Sacha Peters

Zither - Master builder
Franz Schwarzer 1828 - 1904 - Described as the Zither King of the USA
Ulrike Meinel - 90 years of zither and guitar building - Markneukirchen
André Schubert - Klangwerkstatt - Builds zither- guitar- harp- cello
Horst Wünsche - concert zither and dulcimer construction
Peter Ziegler - Zupfinstrumentenbau - Zither and Hackbtrett Building

Zither - Dealer
Musikbrunnen Böhmeke OHG Hannover - Sale and repair
Zitherlook Ludwig Krenn Ertel - Sale - Restoration - Overhaul

Zither - Learn
Elisabeth Stennes-Falter - State certified teacher for music education

Zither - News and Magazine
Zither - Magazine of the German Zither Music Association
IMSLP - Scores featuring the zither - Knowledge about the Zither
Zither in Bayern e. V. - Who - when - what - where and much more

Tone | woods
Espen MassivholzProdukte - Wood for (almost) all applications
Schröter Edelholzhandel - Fine woods from all over the world
Tonholz - Selected tonewood for stringed and plucked instruments

Zither - know how
Franz Schwarzer - National Music Museum of the University of South Dakota
Anton Sartorius - Zither and dulcimer old instrument newly discovered
Wilfried Scharf Zithert - The tonal history of the zither
-   Ein Film von Siegfried Reisenberger
WIKI - Zither - history - construction forms - composition - literature
WIKISOURCE - The zither and its production - pictures of M. Ledeli

Musik|er|innen - YouTube Channels
Zitheristi - Magdalena Pedarnig

Magdalena Pedarnig composes, plays zither and clarinet with virtuosity

Andy Goessling - Railroad Earth's Time Machine - Waiting for Zitherman
Gertrud Huber - Zither and harp - teaching - research - music and more
Harald Oberlechner - Lecturer for Zither at the University Mozarteum
Magdalena Pedarnig - Zitherristi with remarkable YouTube channel
Wilfried Scharf - Teaches zither style at the Anton Bruckner Private Uni
Christoph (Descendant of Franz) Schwarzer - Zither with passion


String music instruments

MANDOLIN - Instrument of the Month

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
The neck is finished and determines the further construction...
Guitar construction report the SECOND - 06 (PDF)

Insights into instrument making ( 4 - 20 ) ) Mandoline

Audey Ratliff shows us in 29 videos the construction of his mandolins

Ratliff Mandolins - HomePage

Magic Guitar - Portal by and for guitarists - Big T plays with
OhGuitar - A worldwide marketplace for guitar lovers

Mandolin - Master Builder
Frank-Peter & Marcus Dietrich build historical mandolins
Murray Kuun - Stringed instruments and mandolins of the other kind
Audey Ratliff - Build the dream mandolins seen above
Alfred Woll - Master workshop for mandolins and mandolas

Software - APPs
Steinberg - Cubasis 3 DAW - APP for iPhone and iPad

Know how - Mandolins
MANDOISLAND - Michael Reichenbachs Mandolin-Portal
offers detailed information about mandolins
MuBu 1

Musicians - YouTube Channels
The Dutch Mandolin Chamber Orchestra HET CONSORT

An absolutely outstanding Madolin orchestra worldwide

Mandolin virtuosos

WIKIPEDIA - Extensive list of mandolinists
Very extensive and sorted by genre, Bravo

Natalia Alencova - conductor - musician - teacher
Very versatile - mandolin, guitar, piano, sings and conducts!

Avi Avital - Israeli mandolinist with classical repertoire
Musical genres klezmer, baroque and contemporary classical music

Sierra Dawn Hull - wunderkind - mandolin - guitar - singing
American bluegrass musician - plays in the trio 'Highway 111'

Yasuo Kuwahara+ - Japanese mandolinist of the extra class
His compositions socially committed, his technique pioneering


String music instruments

DOUBLEBASS & ELECTRICBASS - Instrument of the Month

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
The neck is finished and determines the further construction...
Guitar construction report the SECOND - 05 (PDF)

Insights into instrument making ( 3 - 20 ) DoubleBass and ElectricBass
Building a DoubleBass

Family Pöllmann shows us the traditional building of double basses

HomePage - E. M. Pöllmann

Jonas' Double Bass Blog - Workshops in Germany & the world
Laut - The string theory - The best bassists (only their opinion)
DICTUM - More than tools - craftsmanship in perfection
Dieter Schmid - High quality tools for woodworking - MuBu 1

Bass Baumeister
Lando Music - Double bass studio at Frankfurt am Main
Björn Stoll - Master Workshop for Cello & Basses - Markneukirchen
Emanuel Wilfer - Master workshop for violins/bass making since 1905

Bass - Wissen
Bondeo - Tips for buying a double bass - what to look out for

Thomann - Detailed 12-page report about double basses

There are different sized basses, both in form and tuning

Lars Jacob und Manuell Schattel from the Stuttgart State Opera
Explain the differences between different bass types

WIKIPEDIA - Double bass - Worth knowing about basses

Musicians - YouTube Channels
Stanley Clarke

Bass virtuosos - Kontrabass in the English doublebass

At this point I would like to thank all orchestra bassists and
Highlighting bassists without whom an orchestra would not sound.

WIKIPEDIA - Extensive list of double bass players
Very extensive and sorted by genre, Bravo

Giovanni Bottesini - Leading bassist of the 19th century
Is still often and gladly played today

Christian McBride
I love his way of playing bass and of course his music

Ron Carter Trio - Live at Jazz a Vienne Fest - Old school Bass
MukerBude favourite bassist of the 20th century

Zsolt Fejévári
He's got the hang of it for me - especially when he quotes Bach

Johannes Niesig plays Bottesini
Young bassist will grow with the demands placed on him

Alexandra Scott
Portrait of an extremely likeable exception bass player

Daniel Henry Edward „Danny“ Thompson
Only few know his name but the world knows his bass play

Eberhard Weber
With 'Colours of Cloé' he has played himself into history

Bass virtuosos on Bass guitar

Stanley Clarke Band - Live @Bimhuis Amsterdam
MukerBude favourite bassist of the 21st century

Joanna Dudkowska
Classic is also possible electrically ... Absolutely great video

Nathan East
His way of playing Smooth-Jazz fascinates not only the women

Kinga Glyk
The young Polish woman is a refreshing blessing in the world of men

Frank Itt
Who has already accompanied everyone with his bass - sensational

Marcus Miller
Open for traditional instruments on other countries - I like worldmusic

Jaco Pastorius
Modern interpreted electric bass of the 1970s - At its best


String music instruments
VIOLIN - Instrument of the Year
Elected by the Landes-Musik-Rat Schleswig-Holstein

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
I have realy started with the woodwork...
Guitar construction report THE SECOND - 04 (PDF)

Insights into instrument making ( 2 - 20 ) Violin
Making a Violin

Brian Lisus shows us in detail how he handmade a violin

Brian Lisus - Violin makers - violins - violas and cellos

More violin building reports
Konrad Stoll violin maker - Sound shapes creating atmosphere
How to make a viola part 1
How to make a viola part 2
How to make a viola part 3

Glambfmbasdler - Colleague from GBB builds fascinating guitars
The first violin from the 3D printer of Laurent Bernadac
Hearing evaluations of new and old Italian violins
Do old violins really sound better - myth or truth
Welt - Modern violins are superior to old Stradivari !?
WIKI - The most important violinists since the 17th century

Master violin maker
Stefan-Peter Greiner - A worldwide first address for violin making

Violin - Know how
Stadivari - Sound thanks to fungal infection? - Prof Dr Francis Schwarze
WIKI - Explains rudimentary basics of violins/violins

Musikcian - YouTube Channels

Laurent Bernadac - 3Dvarius - First 3D Violin

More Violin-Virtuosos
Jascha Heifetz +
Probably the greatest violinist of the 20th century and more...
Stephane Grappelli +
His violin minor remains incomparable - We love your playing
Niccolo Paganini +
Without contemporary witnesses his virtuoso playing unfortunately remains only myth
Anne-Sophie Mutter
A remarkably outstanding violinist of our time
David Garrett
An unknown Irish Fiddler has commented on the bumblebee flight allegedly played so quickly by Garrett:
This tempo, we Fiddler can make all
Don Sugar Cane Harris +
A jazz-blues violinist of the highest calibre who has received far too little attention
Jean Luc Ponti
For Jazzman one who has shaped and developed the Jazz violin
Lindsey Stirling
Her violins live performance is pure fascination
Traditional fiddle
Your playing is more than music - it is a feeling of life
Irish fiddle
Irish & Scottish fiddle

January 2020


Breaking News
Wolfgang Dauner passed away today Friday 10.01.2020 - R.I.P
Wolfgang - You remain in all our ears and our hearts

Electric guitars with nylon strings
Godin - Multiac Nylon - A series of these special guitars
Marcus Lavendell - So horny an E-Strat with nylons can sound
Rockerzee - Copies Gibson E-guitars as Hollowbody with nylon strings
Traq Guitars - Demonstrates the construction his NylonStrings E-guitar
Rick Turner - Makes wonderful Renaissance Nylon String Guitars
Joe Veillette - Also builds electric nylon string guitars
Rosevelt Walker Jr. - Baut und spielt eine Eigenbau E-Nylon-Gitarre
Ben Woods - Plays a Stratocaster converted to nylon strings
Anleitung - Stratocaster replica converted to a nylon guitar

I am slowly starting to process the first woods...
Guitar construction report THE SECOND - 03 (PDF)

Insights into guitar making ( 1 ) Concert guitar
ConVivo - Classica Spanish Guitar Construction

Such a small heap of wood will one day become a guitar!

ConVivo - If you know more about him, please contact me

BeatBox - The cardboard mixing desk to build yourself
John Williams at the BBC 2016:
...Excerpts from his life and work

Guitars - Knowledge
Andrew Atkinson - Lute making with original methods

Audio engineering
BeatBox - Mixing console and MIDI controller in cardboard box

Music|ians - YouTube Channels
Siccas Guitars - The world's finest Guitars from Germany

Siccas - Guitar Shop with its head office in Karlsruhe

The city with the baroque castle 'Carols Ruhe' in the middle

Dezember 19

What impressed the MukerBude in 2019:
Building report - by and about Francisco Bros
Building report - by and about Teodoro Pérez
Guitars - Sound - Design - Innovation - 1a - The Kraushaar Europe
Guitars - The incomparable sound of the guitars of the Pérez family
Learning Video - The P(r)ima Guitar School by Katja Hoder
Music - Café del Mundo and its works created so far
Music - All selected musicians but especially ANA VIDOVIC
Music station - Radio Swiss Jazz - Our beloved station
SoftWare - Google in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach
Video - Part 1 - Best Fingerstyle Guitarists in the World
Video - Part 2 - Great compilation by Guitar_Got_Talent
YouTube-Channel - Guitar Salon International

On my own behalf:
The missing tools are under construction and the most important construction drawings are on paper.

Guitar Construction Report THE SECOND - 02 (PDF)

Insights into guitar making ( 12 ) Concert guitar
Gerold Karl Hannabach Master instrument maker from 1928 to 2015

Gerold Karl Hannabach was an outstanding guitar and instrument maker all his life. In his many years of creative work, the craftsmanship of the celebrated in perfection!
MukerBude says with respect to Mr. Hannabach - Thank you

Mr. Hannabach in interview with Gitarre Hamburg

Gerold Karl Hannabach

Broadcasting - Tascam US-32 MIniStudio for OneMan Transmitters
Broadcasting - Tascam US-42 MIniStudio suitable for small transmitters

Master guitar builder
Guitar builders - WIKI sorted by countries - Good literature references

Guitars - Knowledge
Barmstdter Lessons - Dedicated Gerold Karl Hannabach
Construction of a renaissance lute with medieval tools
Irving Sloan - Classical Guitar Construction - Construction Reportt
Benno Streu talks about the sound behaviour of guitar tops!
Vibrations of acoustic guitars - Helmut Fleischer & Hugo Fastl

Musicians - YouTube Channels
Andreas Koch - 1. YT - Channel Solo
Musicians - YouTube Channels
Andreas Koch - 2. YT - Channel Duo - Accords Galants
together with Mrs. Katja Fernholz-Bernecker

In addition to his versatile musical work, Mr. Koch plays two fascinating 11 and 13 string alto guitars - by the Swedish master builder Georg Bolin [a more precise Presentation of the instruments is being prepared] - with which he transcribed us himself Renaissance and Baroque music!
... more from Mr. Andreas Koch on WIKI

News & Tests
Andreas Koch & Barbara Buchmaier - Von Hundert - An art magazine musik an sich... Demanding monthly music magazine with lots of guitar

November 19

On my own account:
01.11.2019 Beginning with the construction of my second guitar. Originally I wanted the Antonio Torres No. 4 from 1856 La Leona rebuild. After careful consideration and three elaborated I have opted for a modern interpretation of body shapes of the La Leona.

Guitar building report the II. - 01 (PDF)

Insights into guitar building ( 11 ) Archtop guitar
Cranmer a young luthier from Scotland

Schön that there are still young people who not only have a desire to instruments to build, it is even better if they are based on real and most of the guitar work is still done by hand manufacture. Bravo!

Worldwide first Hard Rock Hotel heöffnet - But why a Paula?
Rick Beato - Introduces 20 of the most popular acoustic guitar intros

Music|ians - YouTube Channels
Jesse Cook - with his classical guitar he travels
Spain - Ireland - Latin America - and the Orient

Songbooks - Songtexte
Songtexte - Translations and much more
Lyri(X)_at - Very extensive song text collection
musixmatch - Supposedly the world's largest collection of lyrics

Workshop - lern how to play Guitar
Sandra Sherman - Guitarist - guitar teacher - guitar guide

Listen to her, she is a great guitarist, especially her jazz is fascinating. Wow!

October 19

In my own behalf:
New category under SoftWare
Recording is divided into 'Recording' and 'Mastering & Mixing

Insights into guitar building ( 10 ) classic-guitar

Papa Teodoro Perez and his family show their craftsmanship

The sensitive precision of the craftsmanship in guitar building of the PEREZ family, brings us some of the few really great guitars of the modern world! Together with a few other Luthiers, the Perez guitars the sonic world standard!

Perez - HomePage

Narrative in pictures - The thing from another universe (PDF)
Gitarre Hamburg Konkret - Guitar calendar for the 4th quarter 2019

Musik|er|innen - Konzerte
GitarreHamburg - Various activities around the concert guitar
Melbourne Guitar Foundation - Cultivated concert guitar in Australia

Music|ians - YouTube Channels
Johannes Möller - Klassik Gitarrist mit eigenen Kompositionen
Johannes Möller

Phillipe Mariotti and Andrés Blanc offer purchase advice
that is unparalleled in quality in the world. Bravo! Finest concert & flamenco guitars and transparent trade. This is how the MuBu presents itself selling and consulting guitars!
The comparison videos recorded by Philippe are unique! The first award for a dealer from MukerBude1+

Guitare Classique de Concert - In a beautiful place near Paris
Philippe Mariotti und Andrés; Blanc

Galerie des Luthiers - Concert guitar shop in Lyon FR
Kent Guitar Classics - Offers the finest concert guitars near London
The Classik-Guitar-Center Ltd. in Birmingham England - well sorted
The London Guitar Studio - Claims to be the world No. 1 (?)
Magic-Guitar-Parts - 1A Guitar tuners by DER JUNG from China

September 19

On our own behalf:
Invention - The country needs functioning tuning cranks (PDF)

Insights into guitar making ( 09 ) Classic Ukulele
Rowan Dicks
Shows us in detail how he builds concert ukuleles in the video

WIKI - A remarkable attempt to list all music instruments

Internet - Music - Stations
ARD RadioNet - 127 public channels at a click

Instruments - Ukulele
Rob Jaktiani - Learn Ukulele - A comprehensive compilation
Nicolas Jehn - Uku Fun - Ukulelen teachers provide fun and information
Lanikai - A Uku manufacturer brings a lot of information across
Alexander Wandrowsky - Alles Uke oder was - Conveys information

List of the world's most important ukulelelist (One approach)

Musicians - YouTube Channels
HPCracy - Guitars - Piano - Composer - Painter - Hans Peter Krüsi

News & Tests
MUSIKLUX - Florian Schiffer - Ukulele Test 2019 - Comparison Test

Gute Ukulele - Andreas Davis - Ukuleles are his passion
UKULÄDLE - Specialized dealer for ukuleles in Welzheim
KALA - A self-proclaimed ukulele elite manufacturer from the USA
Magic-Guitar-Parts - 1A Tuning mechanisms from DER JUNG from China

August 19

On our own behalf:
New category under musicians
YouTube Channels
Gitarrengold - Andreas Hövekmann - Own music class arranged
Guitar Salon International - ConcertGuitar dealers with 1a guitarists
Ulli Bögershausen - Professional guitarist gives us a lot of his music

Insights into guitar making ( 8 ) Fredless electric bass guitar
Filip Safr - Titio Bass
Construction report of an electric bass guitar without frets

Gibson destroyed Firebird X Guitars - Don't buy from fucking Gibson...

SoftWare - Apps
mDecks Music - MusicTheory - Interactive fifths circle - App for Mac

SoftWare - Converter
3DYD Soft - Simple and Powerful Audio - Video Converter

July 19

Papa Funk - Art Neville - died 22.07.19 at the age of 81 years
Joao Gilberto Bossa-Nova Legend - died 06.07.19 at the age of 88

YouTube Downloader "convert2mp3" was closed
MukerBude assumes that the ban of "convert2mp3" against violates existing law. Radio broadcasts can be recorded, if you don't want to publish it!
You can find alternative downloaders in the top right corner

Insights into guitar making ( 7 ) Handmade full Acoustic Travel Guitar
Peter Breit
Instructions - Construction report of a acoustic travel guitar (PDF)

Guitars - Acoustic guitars hand made
Brunner Guitars - Builds remarkable travel and harp guitars

Guitars - Building instructions - Repair tips - Tonewood
Barmstedter Lektionen - Guitar building instructions from Hannabach
Nebelheim Tonewood - Instrument making - Sound and tone woods

Guitars - Knowledge about classical guitars
Tom Haubner - Guitar Guide - Detailed Guitar Basic Knowledge

Marius Peters - Cologne guitar virtuoso worth knowing
YouTube Sammlung - Best Fingerstyle Guitarists in the World - Part 1
YouTube Sammlung - Best Fingerstyle Guitarists in the World - Part 2

Songs collection - 1a compiled by Carsten & Micha

June 19

A truh story
So happened in June 2019 in Cologne photo from a bicycle (PDF)
Pummelchen have been ready
Instructions - Construction report of a acoustic travel guitar (PDF)

Insights into guitar making ( 6 ) Part II - Steelstring-Guitars
Maton Australia
Maton shows us in 15 lessons how to build her Western Guitars

StewMac - FREE SHIPPING with Membership is now available in Europe
Blueas Art Radio - News - New very detailed column of the BAR
musicfox - GEMAfree music & sounds - fast & cheap licensing
WIKI - WebLinkList for guitarists - Little addition to the MukerBude

Guitars - Building instructions - Repair tips - Tonewood
Instrument making - Ton - Precious and resonant woods

Music channels
Just Swing - Interesting genre station from Konstanz Germany

Guitar - Workshops
Bluesguitartube from Christoph Fässler - Free lessons in the blog

May 19

On my own behalf:
Instructions - Construction report of an acoustic travel guitar (PDF)
Invention - Fold cutter - Holding device for Dremel (PDF)
Calculation - Frets Distance from saddle and fret width (ODS)

Insights into guitar making ( 5 ) Part I - Steelstring-Guitars
Maton Australia
Maton shows us in 15 lessons how to build her Western Guitars

Joe Bonamassa - Gives away an album summary "for free"

Guitars from Guitarbuilder
Brunner Guitars - Builds very smart guitars and harp guitars
Juan Sebastian Keller - Argentinian Music-Prof. -Teacher and Luthier

Guitar - Know how
GitarrenSaitenKaufen - Tom Schäfer - Advice on Guitar Strings
GitarrenSaiten - Tom Schäfer - Even more competent advice
Detailed elaboration for western e- concert guitars & basses

April 19

Instruction - Report of an acoustic travel guitar - in progress (PDF)

Insights into guitar making ( 4 ) Electric Guitar
Burls Art
Shows us the construction of his electric guitar Resin River Guitar

Marti Fischer - How does music work - Part No. 1 - YouTube Video
Pawel Popolski - Explains the invention of POP music - Hips Hops
Händel and the Champions - The Great Finale of the Handel Experiment

Guitars from Guitarbuilder
Stefan Rössler GuitarBuilder - The joy of playing the guitar

Building instructions - Repair tips - Tonewood
GITABOU - Guitar Templates & Plans - Design drawings
Reinhard Vonau - Guitars - Collections - Handicrafts - Tonewoods

Musik Baum - An instrumentarium dealer in Bonn with a large selection

Composition SoftWare from google in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig - Composing melodies & letting them accompany you autom.

March 19

21.03.1685 Johann Sebastian Bach sees the light of day !!!
google - In honor of Johann Sebastian Bach click on the doodle
google - The Life and Legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach

NEW - Personal announcement:
Instruction - Report of an acoustic travel guitar - in progress (PDF)
Calculation - Distance of frets from saddle and fret width (ODS)

Insights into guitar making ( 3 ) Classical Guitar
Franzisco Bros
Francisco Bros presents us his experience as a woodworker

Guitars from Guitarbuilder
Francisco Bros - First class guitars at very moderate prices

Guitar - Repair tips and building instructions
Calculation - Fret distance from nut and fret width (ODS - Table)

Guitar - Repair tips and building - Tonewood
Rall Guitars - EU No. 1 - Construction manuals - ToneWoods & Tools
Cropp Timber - Particular woods from all over the world for 100 years
Frank Horschig - 50 different woods and blanks for model making
Kollitz - Carefully selected tonewoods since over 125 years
Kollitz - The Tonewood Catalogue - Quality and Tradition since 1890
Maderas Barber - Tonewoods and everything else for guitar building
Lutz M. Splettstoesser - Building Instructions and Sheet Music
StewMac - Offers high quality kits and corresponding tools
Zuschnitte24 - Tonewood | Musicwood mainly but for electric guitars

Kraken Guitar - Report from the tree to the electric guitar
Burls Art - Builds an electric guitar from 1,200 coloured pencils

February 19

Insights into guitar making ( 2 ) WesternGuitars
Lakewood allows us with 8 videos insights into their workshop
Lakewood Inside - A summary film about the production of guitars

Latest news
WeLT - Why especially women breathe new life into the guitar
Fenders new study - 50% of new guitar players are young women
Guitar circus at its best...
OLE Flamenco Comedy - When playing guitar alone is not enough
The pure material destruction, nevertheless worth seeing
OK Go - Last leave - Hopefully the toast breads were also eaten
OK Go - The one Moment - Which you shouldn't miss
OK Go - The writing on the Wall - Colors in the Third Dimensional
OK Go - Needing/Getting - Car rallydriver meets musiccomposition

News and Tests
KEYBOARDS - Electronics - Music - Instruments - A Music-Magazine

Guitar - Know How
Robert Winkler - Mistakes you can make on the guitar tuning
Finally I have understood why I have had problems with the tuning of guitars for years, in interaction with other instruments - THANKS for publicate this study.

January 19

New category - GUITARS - Workshop insights

Insights into guitar making ( 1 ) Flamenco Guitar

Maria Conde
Maria Conde shows us her craft in a summary
Books and workshops to learn the guitar on your own

Guitars - Workshops
Mjchael - LagerfeuerDiplom - Part of the guitar diploms on WIKIBOOKS
Katja Hoder - Die p(r)ima Gitarrenschule - 64 premium free videos
Johannes Knechtges - A blog where you learn to play the guitar
Johannes Knechtges - Lots of videos to get started with the guitar
Books that are worth their money
Bernd Bümmer - Learning to play the guitar guaranteed - Very seriously
Hubert Käppel - Gitarrenschule Konzertgitarre Sheet Music - Detailed
Katja Hoder - Die p(r)ima Gitarrenschule - Complements the videos

30.01.1969 - Rock-Antenne leads us to the last Beatles concert
Dieter Borsch - Builds 2 years with success on his first guitar - Bravo
Jens Ritter - Guitarbuilder - Lady Gaga, Prince & Co buy in DE-Pfalz
Jens Ritter - GuitarsBauerren aus der Pfalz builds guitars for celebrities
A little boy with absolute hearing - presented on TV total

MusikTreff - Brass Music - Portal - Forum - Calendar of Events
LiederForum - Discusses national and international songwriters

Guitars - Building instructions
Zuschnitte24 - Tonewood | Musicwood mainly but for electric guitars
Maderas Barber - Tonewoods and everything else for guitar building
Lutz M. Splettstoesser - Guitarfingerstyle - Building instructions & notes

Guitar - Know how
Ulrich Meyer - Size of the guitar - Which size & measurements fit to you

alle-noten.de - MusicianMagazine Sheet Music and More by Kurt Maas

Music channels
01.01.19 launches Blues Art Radio - New station with proven mods

December 18

Music meeting - Brass music - Portal - Forum - Calendar of events
Song Forum - Discusses about national and international songwriters

GSI - Catalog - World's Best Concert Guitars of the Very Best
StewMac - Catalog - Tools and Ideas for Guitar Building
tonart - Music magazine for German doctors - But simply the Best
alle-noten.de - MusicianMagazine Sheet Music and more by Kurt Maas

A very special instrument for Christmas!

The world's most demanding concert guitar dealers
Guitar Salon International - Los Angeles, USA
Dream Guitars - Weaver (nahe Orlando) North Carolina, USA
Siccas Guitar - Karlsruhe, Germany
Guitarras de Luthier - Madrid, Spain
The FellowShip - Dedemsvaart (near Zwolle) Netherlands
Arias Guitars - Asuncion - The capital city of Paraguay
...and where can we buy guitars in Africa, Asia & Australia?

31.12.2018 - 13:59 - VIVA TV music channel switches off permanently

November 18

Keyboard - How to learn
Piano-Keyboard-Guide - Provides comprehensive keyboard knowledge

So you can put your compositions on paper:

SoftWare - Music notation
Crescendo - NCH - Remarkable note editor from SoftWare family
LilyPond - GNU Project - Excellent music notation for everyone
Mozart - David Webber - Translation into German in progress
MuseScore - Open Source SoftWare - A first-class music notation
Notation Player - Notation SoftWare - Plays MIDI as notes
NotePad - finale - Ability to get started with music notation
PriMus - Columbus - Fast entry unfortunately limited to 40 bars
Sibelius First - AVID - Little brother of the world market leader

SoftWare - Music notation and TABs
Aria Maestosa - GNU Sorce Force - Unfortunately still only in English
Guitar Pro 6 - Arobas - Version 6 the last freely available version
Power Tab - BSD Open Source - Not new but still one of the best
TablEdit & TEFview - TablEdit - Matthieu Leschemelle - Very appealing
TuxGuitar - GNU Lesser License - For all common operating systems

SoftWare - Note recognition
google note recognition - App for Anroid - 2.99€ - Music to Note
sygyt software - Overtone Analyser Demo - Sound Visualization SoftWare
ScoreCloud - DoReMIR - Play your music ScoreCloud notes the sheet music
Songs2See - Fraunhofer Institut - Converts sound into sheet music & TABs
Sonic Visualiser - GNU Public License - Visualizes audio data

SoftWare - WAVE and MP3 to MIDI
Capella Wave Kit - Music from CD (mp3) directly on music paper
Sounds2See - Fraunhofer - songquito - Converts sounds into notes & TABs
WAVEMID - WAVESUM - Music analysis and understanding tool
WIDI Audio zu MIDI VST plugin - Widisoft - Real-time audio to MIDI
WIDI Recognition System - Widisoft - Converts MP3 and WAVE to MIDI

October 18

Current News
Charles Aznavour died on 01.10.'18 at the age of 94 years
20.10. German Guitar Prize 2018 is awarded to:
  1. Jesse Flowers
  2. Stephanie Jones
  3. Jessica Kaiser
Cello Instrument of the Year 2018 - in Germany
Campula - inventor Helmut Bleffert - make sure you listen

All categories can also be reached via the home page of BluesRoad - dedicated private Blues portal
BluesRoad - Biographies
BluesRoad - Calendar of Events<
BluesRoad - Forum and Community
BluesRoad - Locations Database - very extensive
BluesRoad - Startpage - with own radio and a nonsens chat

Internet Stations
So that you don't get bored at Christmas, you can already listen to the stations of your choice
Blues in Germany - Is an internatinal sorted blues Station
FolkAlley         - Best sorted folk station from USA
GitarreFM      - A must for all who love GuitarSound
Swiss Groove - A "Non-profit Internet radio station"

Radio Swiss - SRG SSR - A professional music station in a class of its own with the following sections - JAZZ - CLASSIC - POP
Radio Swiss - JAZZ
Radio Swiss - CLASSICAL
Radio Swiss - POP

September 18

Herman Li from Dragenforce played under water a Guitar Solo
06.09. - Award of the German Radio Prize 2018
RobotGuitar with Lego Technique - Mind-Storm EV3
Peter Horton - from the book "Plums in the Apple Heaven"
Brian Eno talks about Music for Installations

August 18

29.08 - 02.09. c/o Pop Festival - Cologne complete crazy
25.10.2018 Leonard Bernstein would have been 100 years old today
GSI - The GuitarCatalogue for 2018 is online - Fascinating
Ed King from the Band Lynyrd Skynyrd died on 22.08.2018
16.08. Aretha Franklin is dead - you stay in our heads!
II. International 'Antonio Marin Montero' Guitar Building Competition in Granada - under the patronage of GSI
12.08. - 400 guitarists play 'Highway to hell' in Australia
Wulfin Lieske and the concert guitar forum Liske in Cologne
FOCUS Gitarre - The extensive portal for classical guitar
Cologne Jazz Supporters e.V. - Dates in Cologne and around
Köln Magazine Seconds Online - Jazz - Blues - Songwriter
nrwjazz.net - The JazzPortal for North Rhine-Westphalia
Jazz Kalender.de - Bands - Musicians - Jazz concerts in Germany
JAZZ ECHO - A World sounding magazine - Concert Calendar
Schär - Easy Plus construction course Your own guitar in 10 days
Brunner Guitars - Shows you how to build your own guitar
Stegmiller-online - Kit for classical guitar by Kollwit
Lutz M. Splettstoesser - Home-made projects of a special kind
Hartmut Hegewald Luthier - Looking for the soul of the guitar
Acoustic Guitar - Guitar Jokes by and for Guitarists

July 18

Web radio list - Lists German IP radio stations
FLATCAST - Offers free streaming portal for webcasting
The Loop Loft - 8 ways to find inspirattion in the studio
Steinberg - DORICO - Notation Application Contra Sibelius
Guitar Salon International - Overview of the YouTube channel
GSI - The HomePage with current music and instruments
Tatjana Ryzhkova - Lectures on string tension while playing
Fritz Stavenhagen - Project German Poetry - recites poems

June 18

Play Jazz Guitar - Lessons from Chris Standring
Free Jazz Guitar - Lessons with Chris Standring
The Flamenco Guitar - A Compendium by Graf-Martinez
Guitar Gallery - Specialist shop for acoustic guitars
1001 musical terminology presents music teaching online
Fiedler Audio - Recording studio technology for insiders
Terz! Magazine for people who want to know more

May 18

Marcus Fiedler - Imparts comprehensive media competence
DAW Cakewalk - Currently being given away by Bandlab
Gibson - Legendary US luthier announces bankruptcy
WIKIBOOKS - The 12 guitar diplomas in the overview
WIKIBOOKS - Here is the content overview of the music theory
WIKIPEDIA - Extensive list of musical symbols
Campfire Diploma - Big thanks to the main author Mjchael

April 18

Musidation - Sing healthy - give away joie de vivreMusic
The Mixer - Knowledge - Structure & Functions - Effect Routing

March 18

MusicExhibition - April 11th-14th in Frankfurt again
9. Mülheimer Night 21.04.2018 - Colorful program in town
Beginner Guitar HQ from New Zealand with first-class reports
Stomp - Furious original and funny rhythm spectacle

February 18

Gitec - Gives concentrated knowledge of electric guitars & amps
Guitar Electronics - Additional information about manufacturers
A little bit about guitar amplifiers - with good sound examples
Allpart UK - Great Britain's first choice for guitar technicians
Brenner USA - Piezo-Bridges for Fender Strat- and Tele-Caster
guitar4geek - Viel interessantes rund um E-Gitarren und Amps
GUITARWORLD - Deutschsprachiges Forum für Gitarre und Bass

January 18

MukerBude in own thing - New category - Recording technology
USA Musicpublisher Wixen sues Spotify for $ 1.6 billion
Steffen Müller - Working methods of sound processing (PDF)
Patrick Schnabel - Electronics Compendium - DigitalTechnology
Guild of American Luthiers - plenty of numerous guitar plans
Henrick Jansson explains the classic Antonio Torres guitar
WikiBooks - Reported about construction of the classical guitar
Angela Waltner - Refereed about the aspects of guitar sound

December 17

Guitar Gallery - Large selection of 1. class acoustic Guitars
Michael Greenfield - Finest steelstring guitars from Canada
Greenfield - About the craftsmanship of his Guitars
GrafTech - The new unique pickup system for Guitars
Alumi Sonic - Aluminium Guitars with GrafTech PickUp
hangblog - Hang what is that? A documentation of the PAN-Art
Some of the numerous variants that can sound like HANDPANs
Handpans & Percussion the well sounding, handy steel drum
groove - Drumms in Berlin - Centre for Percussion in Berlin

November 17

Rall Guitars & Tools - Guitar making - Tools - Accessories
Blues Road - Information about the Blues with own BluesRadio
Bluesroots - Two Blues enthusiasts inform about Blues
CGA Classical Guitar Asia - Online Guitar Competition 2017
String Comparison - Nylon vs. Carbon - for Concert Guitars
Guitar Guide - tests picks in word and sound

October 17

Rockingers new WebShop - Informative and a feast for the eyes
Fats Domino died on 24.10.2017 at the age of 89 years
OpenMusicSchool - free instrument course "For Elise"
Tom Petty died on 02.10.2017 at the age of only 66 years
Oli from session Musik tests E-Guitars and gives studio tips

September 17

Guitar Tuner by Jorg W. Graf - one of the best in the Web
Holger Czukay died on 05.09.17 at the age of 79
Rolling Stone Magazine - The 500 best songs of all time!

August 17

anything2MP3 - the title can be taken literally
bandcamp - Music platform very well sorted by genres
The Late Late Show with James Corden - Music Talk Show
SHAZAM App - Finds (almost) every song in seconds
The legendary WDR studio for electronic music moves

July 17

Shop Resort Music - Instruments from many online shops
MuckerBox - buy & sell used Instruments
Thomann Classifieds - a free bulletin board
Songsterr - explains all guitar tabs in detail
Der Jung - Manufacturer of affordable tuning machines

June 17

DICTUM - Professional tools for musical instrument making
Jellynote - Redifining how to learn music - a high standard
Gitarrengold - the world of Guitar from Andreas Hövelmann

May 17

Artago - things to know about home recording and Guitars
Klassika - Georg Friedrich Händel List of works - HWV
Klassika - Johann Sebastian Bach List of works - BWV

April 17

MP3 - 17.04.25 all patent rights have expired worldwide
Sofar - Concerts in private locations - in over 340 cities
Strings are bought in Europe from L.o.t.S. - Carl cares!
ECHO 2017 - Jan Böhmermann: "soulless commercial shit"
Music Toughts - a quiet place to think about music
Guitar Switzerland - the world of acoustic Guitars
Austria's No. 1 Acoustics Shop - MusicHouse Johannes Hofer
CLASSICAL GUITAR - US American Guitar Magazine

March 17

MAGIX - Musik Maker v25 - The Original now for Free
MukerBude has today Friday 24.03.17 renewed the logo
Chuck Berry - Mister Rock 'n Roll dies at 18.03.2017
InternetRadio - 1000 channels divided into 80 genres
LAGA - Los Angeles Guitar Academy - Pick Play & Inspire
LAGA with many detailed instructional videos on YouTube

Fabruary 17

Al Jarreau - one of the greatest voices has left us
On our own account - Drill out concert Guitar tie block
Konrad Schwingenstein - solves guitar intonation problems
Michael Ruhe - handmade guitars with patent scale

January 17

Jaki Liebezeit Avantgarde drummer died 22.01.17
ELBPHILHORMONIE - Elphi greets the world since 11.01.2017
MuBu welcomes the year 2017 - with Kora Musik from Jobarteh

December 16

domradio - discusses topics extensively with good music
ProjectGuitar - impart knowledge for electrical Guitar builder
tonart - The Music Magazine in the German Medical Journal !!!

November 16

10.11.16 Leonard Cohen died a poet with a great voice
GEMA and YouTube agree - 70,000 music titles free
Musicated Incorporated - Classical Guitar Composer List

October 16

Guitar Playing Know-How - new book by Bernd Brümmer
Guitar Playing Know-How - all Audio & Videos for the book
FlatIcon Music and Instrument Icons for free download
Bop Dylon Nobel Prize for Literature - right and yet absurd
BBC - Later - Jools Holland - Music Show in a class of its own
MusicHouse Tonger -Cologne's 1st Instrument trade since 1822
ProxFlow - avoids annoying country barriers on YouTube
Classic Guitars International - Where the professionals buy

September 16

session - Musicians blogging for musicians - growing & growing
The good address for guitar and bass around steel strings
Thomas Rubner - Metal Components - 1A Tuning Machine Heads
Classical - Independent - Critical - Current - eMusici GmbH
Comparison tests of acoustic combos with 1A sound examples
Impact patterns made easy with numerous sound samples

August 16

Wednesday 24.08.16 five days C/O POP FESTIVAL in Cologne
All Guitar Chords and much more useful stuff
Listen to President Obama's Summer Playlist - Day & Night
FestivalCalendar for Germany and Europe very comprehensive
In own thing - Fascinating musicians and music
On our own account - Recommendation Concert Guitars under 1000€

July 16

spicy guitar - Acoustic Guitar Synthesizer as Soft and VST
musescore - notate your music - V. 2.0.3 better than ever
Inovative Guitar Building Master => look Building Master
Classical guitar dealers with level => look Shops
MANGORE Guitar Academy - Building - Teaching - Technique - Theory
Guitar Salon International - with there own Guitar Radio
Marc Teicholz plays selected Concert Guitars for GSI
orfeo - Music-Magazine für gehobene GitarrenAnsprüche
Steinberg - smart click now in time - Metronome App
String Market Hefele Rock Store large selection of Strings

June 16

Classic Arietta - outstanding collection of classical works
Fun String melodys for beginners - Michael Schmolke
Georg Norberg - THANKS to you for THREE YEARS Guitar Teaching

May 16

The Kirstein Guide informs about many Instruments
Guitar World - The 25 best guitars and music APPs

April 16

Guitar terminology in four languages B. C. Hoffmann
New category - SoftWare - Apps für Mobils and Tablets

March 16

Flamenco festival in Düsseldorf from 18.03. to 28.03.2016
Gerhard Raabe - engaged Music Teaching for Guitar
the violin project - explains Chinese Instrument making
Dr. Antf intones the difference concert & flamenco Guitars
La Sonata - Shop for Flamenco Guitar & Dance - 35 Videos
The Zupfgeige - unique collection of historical guitars
Muso Talk TV - H. J. Bordin tests electrical system & SoftWare

February 16

Flamenco with Ruben Diaz - conveys sound royal knowledge
musikszene dresden - with a remarkable band directory
Instrument Scout - comprehensive musical Instruments Lexicon

January 16

Gema - YouTube - Claims action dismissed 28.01.! Good for us
ClassClef - find Classical Guitar Sheet Music
Guitar Guide What You Should Know About Guitars & Playing
Musikzeit - explains in detail the basics of music theory
Steward MacDonald - guitar tools - parts - supplies - new catalog
Optimum air humidity ideal room climate for your instrument

All recommendations before 2016

Marcelo Berestovoy shows the Rumba Flamenco attack technique
XMedia Recode - changes formats and the volume of videos
Muke - recognizes and translates songs of your choice
recordsale - Pearls of the past and the music of tomorrow
German craft juniors born to master the future
Music Instruments builder Catalogues for Germany & Surroundings
Georg Norberg electric Guitar course - 10 free chord compendia
Guitar Institut Norberg - impossible not to learn guitar here
Note Calculator for key and intervals by Jumk Jürgen Kummer
German Hifi-Museum Wiesbaden - from Dipl. Ing. Gerd Redlich
Time Online about Pop (recipe for success!) and Jazz (too weird?)
First class sound editing and analysis tools from µsikus
BuschFunk Publisher celebrates 25th German Film & Music Folklore
Repairing a torn fingernail - four professional methods
WebTabPlayer one sheet music & tab player - no program necessary
TUX Guitar a sheet music editor from the OpenSource forge
Pro-Music-News very extensive up-to-date information
Steward MacDonald Fret calculator not only for Guitar scales
Massimo Varini tests different bridge pin materials
JAZZ thing & blue rhythm - understands jazz as a boundless spirit
laut.de - News - Bands - Albums - Songs - Concerts - Genres
Paul Guy Tuning methods evaluated - have you knew that?
MikesGuitar a first-class guitar learning program
Musicians Place - exemplary notes school where I learned it
Jörg Hochweber's circle of fife simply ingenious
A WIKI about the current European music festivals
A supplement of the German medical journal the TonArt Magazine
MIDI-Lexikon - Music Instrument Digital Interface
Olli of Session Music a must have before buying Your new Guitar
Pläne Sammlung vieler bekannter Gitarren bei GitarreBassBau
Steward MacDonald reveals his building and repair secrets

Font size - CTRL & Mouse wheel

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