Gitarre Spielen Lernen - Switches to a purchasing advice
GitarreBassBau - Competent forum for E-Guitars & Bass
Klassikgitarre - German Forum for Classical & Flamenco Guitar

German Forums

German speaking clarinet forum Clarinet 24
Classical Guitar - Forum Classical Guitar & Flamenco Classicalguitar
Questions and suggestions about Cubase CuBase.Net
Instruments and amplifiers construction GearBuilder
Guitar-Bass the instrument building forum GitarreBassBau
Less of Topic for more tolerance would be good ↓ Gitarren-Forum
Claiming to be the largest BRD guitar forum GitarrenBoard
Guitar school on the internet with forum Guitar-TV
Forum for electric-guitar and electric-bass GuitarWorld
Gypser & Steinbrincks home recording HomeRecording
Forum discusses numerous songwriters Liedermacher
Think big but be embarrassingly provincial ↓ MusikerBoard
A young musicians forum with good approaches MusikerForum
Focus on brass music with calendar and marketplace MusikTreff

English Forums

24h a day - The tortur never stops acoustic guitar
Dedicated competent typists Classical Guitar
Very much self-developed knowledge Guitar Forums
Heavy point amps and electric guitars HarmonyCentral
Electric guitar constructions with first-class tips ProjectGuitar

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Forum maneuvered by shitstorm itself offside
Acoustic Guitar Forum - not a forum more a masonic lodge (PDF)
MusikBoard dealing with dedicated supporters (PDF)

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