Vip Lounge

Liv Boeree
TV Moderator & Model
Top 10 Poker player
environmental activist & extreme athlete
Astrophysicist with honours
remarkable electric guitarist
Liv live on YouTube

Ulli Bögershausen
world class fingerstyle guitarist
music producer
and best-selling author

bestows us with his
fascinating YouTube Channel...

Bernd Brümmer
versatil guitarist
successful author
and 1. class music teacher

Bernds YouTube Channel

Die Medienspürnase
Eve Distelmeyer
Mother with a full-time job
operator of a media website
specialist for retro games
computer hardware developer
and a remarkable pianist

Guitar Festival
Youth Orchestra
Guitar concret

...makes you want to be in Hamburg

Andreas Hövelmanns
too complex for only one drawer
presented itself frew notes
to find on his site
Hanspeter Kruesi
guitarist und pianist
music composer
music teacher
and wonderfull painter

Johann Krummenacher
Theater actor
Recitator and reader
and he is an excellent pianist

Unfortunately there is nothing audible

Hans Liberg
first class Pianist
Entertainer, there is not a dry eye
Singer and composer

Hans Liberg YouTube TV

Joja Wendt
distinctive pianist
great entertainer
at home in all music genres
runs his own piano academy
YT Channel - How to learn play piano
Joja goes Jazz - From NY to HH

Younee Korean Pianist
has moved her work to Germany
Her music is not
free jazz but free classical music
in her free improvisations
she jazzes the classical
Her Leverkusen Concert 2020


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American MukerBude - The proof muke makes you happy

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with values without price.