The Covid-19 pandemic is at its peak worldwide
and is likely to increase.
Stays at home and does handicrafts with your kids!

The year of stringed instruments
Maybe you'll get a kick out of it with your kids.
to build such a simple guitar yourself.

Insights into instrument making 08.2020 - Cigar Box Guitar

Scrap Wood City - Gives suggestions for DIY

Here SWC shows us many of his realised ideas

My modest construction report of a concert guitar
The body is completely closed! It only needs the edge protection...
Guitar report of the SECOND - 10 (PDF)


August is the perfect month to dedicate
entirely to special musicians

Natalie Trayling - 80 year old plays interesting original compositions

Senior Citizen Plays Piano - A well staged performance
Costy plays Guitar - In Barcelona
Costy plays Flamenco - "Helo" Beyonce 2017 in Barcelona
Costy plays Classical Guitar - Get Lucky - Daft Punk in Barcelona
Music Flash Mob - An orchestra takes to the streets
Little lady playing - Play me, I'm Yours on a street piano
Andres Mac - Strawberry Fields Forever from The Beatles
Jenny O'Connor - Plays "The last of the Mohicans"
Harry Reichmann - Plays a 16:30 drum solo of the extra class
Royal Marines Corps of Drums & Drum Corps 17 in Royal Albert Hall
Lynsey Salter - An Irish step dancer - Sensational
Scottish tribal Pipes & Drums Band Clanadonia - "Ya Bassa"

Allie Sherlock & Phily Campbell - "Killing me Softly"
Allie Sherlock - Plays " Let It Be" from The Beatles
Allie Sherlock & Fabio Rodrigues - "Billie Jean" from Michael Jackson
Allie Sherlock & Phily Campbell - "Perfect" from Ed Sheeran
Allie Sherlock - Sings together with girlfriend Saibh Skelly

Tuba Skinny - Playing "Postage Stomp" - clarinets and wind instruments
Jerry Taha - Dusk till Dawn - Street musicians in Barcelona
Traditionelle Irische Street musicians
Tatsya Yasunaga - Spain Street guitarist in Barcelona 2016

Music sketches

Paul Morocco and Ole! - Fascinating comedy guitar band
Patrick Sebastien - playing the guitar juggling the guitar
Juzzie Smith - And his Oneman-Band - Schöppingen 2018

Handicraft Instructions

MedienDesign Moser - Building instructions for a paper guitar

Master builder

Honestly, dear people, you build such a thing yourself,
just now in Corona times... Look how the colleague
up in the construction report...

Darik Förster - Renowned CBG builder from Belgershain BRD
René Kubli - Cigar Box Guitars from Switzerland
C. B. Gitty - CBG from Rochester USA
CIGARBOX - CBG and much more know how from USA

Music|er|innen - YouTube Channel

Mike Snowden - CBG - Builder and Player

My own Work

Most important first

Instruction - Building report - THE SECOND - I'm on the way
Invention - The country needs functioning tuning cranks (PDF)
Done in June of the year 2019 - Photo taken from a bicycle (PDF)
Instruction - Report of an full-acoustic travel guitar (PDF)
Invention - Fold cutter - Holding device for Dremel (PDF)
Calculation - Frets Distance from nut and fret width (ODS)
Book - Peters small notes and harmony teaching - E-Book (PDF)
Instruction - Building an acoustic lap steel string guitar (PDF)
Instruction - Drill yourself 12-hole knottingblock easy (PDF)
Instruction - Replace frets of your classic guitar yourself (PDF)
Instruction - Stratocaster becomes a nylon guitar (PDF)
Recommendation - Best classic guitars under 1000€ (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a guitar from vegetable boxes (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a drill stand made of wood (PDF)
Instruction - Downsize a guitar neck made very simple (PDF)
Calculation - Pressure force of strings on the bridge (PDF)
Report - Cort NTL 20 F - Western Guitar in Jumbo style (PDF)
Report - Salvador Cortez CS-205 - petite concert guitar (PDF)
Report - Ibanez MASA SX72 - little western guitar (PDF)
Book - A fairy tale - My Concert aunt tells her life (PDF)
Recommendation - To learn guitar, theory & sheet music (PDF)
Recommendation - New nylons - long neck, narrow body (PDF)
Invention - Arm pad for small acoustic guitars (PDF)
Invention - Cajon - with tuning and disconnectable snare (PDF)
Invention - Chords TABs for piano with link to download txt-file
SoftWare - Installation Guide - Guitar Pro 6 lite (PDF)
Studio - Example for a HomeRecording Studio (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar techniques - trying to list them (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar fretboard notes for sharp # and flat b (PDF)
Knowledge - circle of fifths in two tables Major and Mior (PDF)

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