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01.11.2019 Start with the construction of my second guitar. Originally I wanted to build the Antonio Torres No. 4 from 1856 La Leona. After careful consideration and three elaborate body shapes, I decided on a modern interpretation of La Leona.

Guitar construction report II. - 01 (PDF)

Insights into guitar making ( 11 ) Archtop-Guitar
Cramer a jung Luthier from Scotland

It's nice that there are still young people who don't just want to build instruments, it's even better if they're work based on real handtools and most of the work on the guitar is done by hand. Bravo!

World's first Hard Rock Hotel opened - But why a Gibson Les Paul?
Rick Beato - Introduces 20 of the most famous acoustic guitars Intros

Musicians on YouTube Channels
Jesse Cook - he plays with his classical guitar
Spanish - Irish - Latin American - and Oriental Music

Songbooks - Song lyrics
Song lyrics - Translations of many Songs and much more
Lyri(X)_at - Very extensive SongText collection in there own
musixmatch - Allegedly the world's largest collection of lyrics

Workshop - Learn to play the guitar
Sandra Sherman - Guitarist - Guitar Teacher - Guitar Guide to explane

Listen to her, she is a wonderfoll guitarplayer, especially in jazz. Wow!

My own Work

Most important first

Invention - The country needs functioning tuning cranks (PDF)
Done in June of the year 2019 - Photo taken from a bicycle (PDF)
Instruction - Report of an full-acoustic travel guitar (PDF)
Invention - Fold cutter - Holding device for Dremel (PDF)
Calculation - Frets Distance from nut and fret width (ODS)
Book - Peters small notes and harmony teaching - E-Book (PDF)
Instruction - Building an acoustic lap steel string guitar (PDF)
Instruction - Drill yourself 12-hole knottingblock easy (PDF)
Instruction - Replace frets of your classic guitar yourself (PDF)
Instruction - Stratocaster becomes a nylon guitar (PDF)
Recommendation - Best classic guitars under 1000€ (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a guitar from vegetable boxes (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a drill stand made of wood (PDF)
Instruction - Downsize a guitar neck made very simple (PDF)
Calculation - Pressure force of strings on the bridge (PDF)
Report - Cort NTL 20 F - Western Guitar in Jumbo style (PDF)
Report - Salvador Cortez CS-205 - petite concert guitar (PDF)
Report - Ibanez MASA SX72 - little western guitar (PDF)
Book - A fairy tale - My Concert aunt tells her life (PDF)
Recommendation - To learn guitar, theory & sheet music (PDF)
Recommendation - New nylons - long neck, narrow body (PDF)
Invention - Arm pad for small acoustic guitars (PDF)
Invention - Cajon - with tuning and disconnectable snare (PDF)
Invention - Chords TABs for piano with link to download txt-file
SoftWare - Installation Guide - Guitar Pro 6 lite (PDF)
Studio - Example for a HomeRecording Studio (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar techniques - trying to list them (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar fretboard notes for sharp # and flat b (PDF)
Knowledge - circle of fifths in two tables Major and Mior (PDF)

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