2021 stands under the motto - GUITARS
Every month a different guitar shape

Construction report of the THIRD - Oval meets triangle
With the construction of my III. I would like to express my ideas of new concert guitars in terms of sound and design!
Construction is currently standstill it will continue into the winter.

Bernd Oetzmann - Shows the construction of his self-built e-cello and other instruments and presents his atmospheric oil paintings!

Insights into instrument making 10.2021
Making a flamenco guitar - Part 1
Making a flamenco guitar - Part 2

Anders Eliasson builds flamenco guitars with great Passion
his homepage is currently unfortunately construction site

MukerBude's preferences for concert and flamenco guitars from Spain Francisco Bros - First class handmade Guitars since 1974
Theodoro Peréz - His guitars are an experience for the senses

Matthias Hafner from La Guitarra Flamenca knows more as an insider...!
La Guitarra Flamenca - Guitar makers and family manufactories

Of course, you should always consider a flamenca from the guitar makers of Granada. Find it below in the video by Stefan Richts for ARTE 2018

Klassikgitarre - Forum - Classical Guitar & Flamenco - Bernd Hoffmann
One of the best informed flamenco guitar forums in Europe!

MukerBude advises:
Even the big instrument dealers are overwhelmed with such fine guitars. I would only buy a proper flamenco guitar from a specialized dealer, or directly from the master builder.

One flamenco guitar teacher in particular caught my attention - Pedro Navarro has prepared 15 lessons which are presented on YouTube.
Learn Flamenco guitar - Lesson basic technique 1 / 15
Learn Flamenco guitar - Lesson rumba rhythm 2 / 15
Pedro Navarro - Tutorials for Flamenco-Guitar
Marcelo Berestovoy - Special guitarist & guitar teacher of all styles
Marcelo Berestovoy - GuitarSchool on JamPlay some is free!
Marcello on YouTube - Take a look around this link
I have learned a lot from Marcello over the years.
Thank you Marcello that my Rumba sounds like yours.

alle-noten - The online sheet music shipping - Very comprehensive
Easy Flamenco - Jürg Hochweber Guitar Teacher Switzerland
Flamenco Graf-Martinez - Comprehensive flamenco school
Flamenco-Shop - Shoes - Fashion - Accessories and books
stretta music - Your specialist for sheet music of all kinds

MukerBude - Shops - Instruments and accessories...
Guitar Concert Classic - Excellent guitars near Paris - FR
Guitar from Spain - Finest spanish guitars - Madrid Spain
Guitarras de Luthier - Guitar Noble Shop in Madrid Spain
Guitar Salon International - USA - TOP quality guitars
La Guitarra Flamenca - The Sound of Passion - Matthias Hafner
La Sonata Flamenco - Art and entertainment inBree Belgien
Merten - Studio for master guitars - Saarbrücken
Mundo Flamenco - Wide selection and competence - Freiburg
Siccas Guitars - The world finest Guitars in one Place - TOP

Sigi Flamisch - Offers its self-developed electronics for free download
Electronics - Testimonials for Musicians - Technology & Audio !

Granada, the world capital of flamenco...
Ein Film von Stefan Richts für ARTE 2018
360° - GEO Reportage - 53 minutes

Flamenco Graf-Martinez - The flamenco guitar explained in detail
Gerhard Graf Martinez - Lektion 5 - La Guitarra Flamenca (PDF)

Musician - YouTube Channel
Noa Drezner

Their logo is a red wool thread - pay attention to it....
An Israeli woman musically combines Orient and Oxident!

Flamenco guitar virtuosos

A very personal selection of the MukerBude

Hommage to

PACO DE LUCIA...Leverkusener JazzTage 2010 MORAITO CHICO...El Torta y Moraito Chico

Noa Drezner...............El último momento
Antonia Jiménez...........Trasteando la Guitarra
Marta Robles..............Auftritt in la Muga
Laura González Toledano...Brujoleo (Granaína)
Duo Jiménez & Robles......Dos Tocaoras
Elena Yerevan.............Live Stream...

Cafe del Mundo............Arabian Nights
Ruben Diaz................Rio de la Miel
Amir John Haddad..........Punta y Tacón

Friends of the special guitarists, there are a million first-class flamenco players. flamenco players, so here are just the ones I like best.



CLAVIO - Independent piano and keyboard forum by miCOM
KeyboarderForum - Strongly instrument oriented - Harald Landsdorf
Keyboardline - For Keyboard player - Musik-City T. & F. Steinbrecher
Musiker-Board - Playing piano - One of the serious sub-forums
My-Tastenworld - Swiss Keyboard Forum by Jutta Koliofotis

bonedo - Explains correct posture - seat position & seat height
Fanny Engelhart - Pianist and dedicated piano teacher
Fraser Gartshore - Organist with first class YouTube tutorial videos
Marcel Marciej - Boogie Woogie Piano for Dummies

Select one of the three teachers and play through it.
With Fanny you learn notes at the same time in the simplest way.
Marcel has a different approach that some like better.
Fraser moves quickly, with him prior knowledge doesn't hurt.
All three teachers run an advanced YouTube channel.

Thousands of books and videos explain which chords are important and how you learn them.
Fanny explains a simple technique for ALL DUR and minor chords that EVERYONE will grasp immediately and never forget!

To start with five chords with which you can play 1000'e songs
A minor - C major - D minor - F major - G major

News and Tests
delamar - Subforum for Digitalpianos - Keyboards & Synthesizer
KEYBOARD - Electronic - Instruments - Music - Learn Keyboard
TastenWelt - PPV_Medien - Keyboard Instrument Magazine

Learn theory and notes
Lehrklänge - Music school Marcus Gorski - Learning notes easy
Musicians Place - Here I learned it as an older semenster
Do not be deterred by purchase offers at musicians place. The entire course is available free of charge in the menu items next to the home page icon. Precisely structured and logically built. A financial contribution from You would be only fair to musicians place!

Today, for quick reference, I use the work of Marcus Gorski Lehrklänge, because it quickly gives precise answers. Again, a financial contribution to Marcus' work does everyone good!

Musician - YouTube Channel
Fanny Engelhart - Teaches piano


A multilingual French citizen of the world, with visible fun playing the piano and teaching it.

As you know, I am advanced concert guitarist and notes are familiar to me. I have decided to still learn to play piano halfway properly .... hiccups.
Fanny's first YouTube video course pleasantly surprised me. Her knowledge of sheet music and piano playing are really fundamental and simply explained.
People, if you want to learn piano and/or sheet music, Fanny's YouTube courses are excellent!


My 'Boogie Woogie - Honky Tonk Train' starts rolling
and a little melody lets the whistles of the train sounds...

My own Work

MukerBude develops for the world...

For the guitar hobbyists among you, I have developed a small aid, which makes it very easy to construct the body of concert and western guitars. can be constructed. In just a few steps with the simplest geometry.

It's really easy for children!

The construction of my SECOND has finished...

Two months of planning and one year of woodworking
Construction-Report of the SECOND - "Round Meets Agular" (PDF)

MukerBude Logo

Most important first

Instruction - Simple construction aid for corpus determination (PDF)
Instruction - Building report - THE SECOND - Is ready (PDF)
Invention - The country needs functioning tuning cranks (PDF)
Done in June of the year 2019 - Photo taken from a bicycle (PDF)
Instruction - Report of an full-acoustic travel guitar (PDF)
Invention - Fold cutter - Holding device for Dremel (PDF)
Calculation - Frets Distance from nut and fret width (ODS)
Book - Peters small notes and harmony teaching - E-Book (PDF)
Instruction - Building an acoustic lap steel string guitar (PDF)
Instruction - Drill yourself 12-hole knottingblock easy (PDF)
Instruction - Replace frets of your classic guitar yourself (PDF)
Instruction - Stratocaster becomes a nylon guitar (PDF)
Recommendation - Best classic guitars under 1000€ (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a guitar from vegetable boxes (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a drill stand made of wood (PDF)
Instruction - Downsize a guitar neck made very simple (PDF)
Calculation - Pressure force of strings on the bridge (PDF)
Report - Cort NTL 20 F - Western Guitar in Jumbo style (PDF)
Report - Salvador Cortez CS-205 - petite concert guitar (PDF)
Report - Ibanez MASA SX72 - little western guitar (PDF)
Book - A fairy tale - My Concert aunt tells her life (PDF)
Recommendation - To learn guitar, theory & sheet music (PDF)
Recommendation - New nylons - long neck, narrow body (PDF)
Invention - Arm pad for small acoustic guitars (PDF)
Invention - Cajon - with tuning and disconnectable snare (PDF)
Invention - Chords TABs for piano with link to download txt-file
SoftWare - Installation Guide - Guitar Pro 6 lite (PDF)
Studio - Example for a HomeRecording Studio (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar techniques - trying to list them (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar fretboard notes for sharp # and flat b (PDF)
Knowledge - circle of fifths in two tables Major and Mior (PDF)

A shop without business
with values without price.