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Sometimes it comes differently...

On the last Tuesday of May, I took the Fingertip of the right index finger detached. After 14 days, the touches were all around the fingertip, again without stabbing pain.
However, whether I will ever again be painless in the strings, or in the Keyboard keys can grab, will show up with time!



Folks, with all the madness that Mr. Putin is doing to his and the neighboring people. Let us not forget the great Russian artists.
Here Lulo Reinhardt and Yuliya Lonskaya in Michaelshoven - Cologne!

Two funny, exciting and instructive pages for making music!
WDR Sound Box
Four orchestras of the WDR, as well as all together and the MAUS.
With different instruments you can create 15 motifs together
and play together.
And you can get to know the musicians.
You can also make your own sounds.
There are two games and a great quiz about Instrmente.
There is much to discover!
Singing Horses
Click on the horses, each sings in a different pitch.

The history of the third guitar on the right in the picture:
Two first-class guitar makers made this guitar,
to donate to a Foundation for Africans.
You can win the guitar with a ticket for 25 euros.

Joe Striebel - Andreas Cuntz - und der Inlay-Designer Kian Farzar

ROGER WILLEMSEN - Manfred Zapatka spricht - WER WIR WAREN
HAGEN RETHER - Verwechselt Nord Korea mit Nord Amerika ... nicht
SchönenGutenA-Band - DAS GRUNDGESETZ
BandName, SongStyle and Video, in the style of the Chris Grey & The BlueSpand , with their authentic song Mammas Marmalaid!
The country I want to live in - Nice but completely irrational idea

To make the contents of the MukerBude accessible even faster,
the entire MukerBude will be cleaned up by the end of 2024.

- All links are checked for consistency and updated if necessary.
- All JPG, PNG images and PDF text files are compressed to a maximum.
- All HTML files are optimized in their programming.

This project can be described as follows:
Imagine you want to repaint your house. Outside, inside and
everything that is in it, with the brush and the paint for fingernails.

All ongoing projects will continue as before.
Please forgive us if there is a delay somewhere.
First visible corrections of the clean-up work at the MukerBude:
The section of the MukerBude "GUITARS",
splits into three separate divisions:
and there is a new section
All musicians in the Guitar & Piano sections Guitarists & Pianists
are up to date as of 01.04.2024. Many musicians are comes new.
My III. Classic-Guitar is ready!


Two music stations are among my absolute favorites.
and of course my absolute favorite station.
Smooth_Jazz.COM GLOBAL
If you don't know the style. As the name suggests, it is smoothed-out jazz harmonies without distorting them, with a Dash of soul and a touch of ambient... (my definition)

Die-hard jazz musicians also refer to smooth jazz as jazz pop.
I can live well with that. Just like Klaus Doldinger, whose music has been described as jazz commercialism for decades.
Someone called SmoothJazz department store music, which I called high praise. If music is able to create a buying mood, first and foremost, it creates a good mood !
We at MukerBude, especially myself, deal with almost
all the musical styles of the planet. We probably have a
much wider range of music than all radio music presenters.
That's why we don't like all channels that only serve one genre
they quickly get on your nerves.
A pleasant exception is the broadcast in the evening program,
die Greatest hits of all time on BREMEN 1
Because the music is chosen by the listeners, it covers a wide spectrum.
SmoothJazz - Presented at the end of the year 23 Top 100 Album Chart
Friends we love this music.
Instructions - Back to 6-Hole Knotting Block - Without Drilling (PDF)
News from the field of tying technique for nylon and carbon strings for concert guitars. Without fiddly drilling on the knot block and the associated problems for some.
Young people play homemade instruments made from waste,
Their sound is amazingly good!
The Garbage Orchestra from Cateura Paraguay - Deutschlandfunk
Concert with Garbage Orchestra from Paraguay - BSR Stadtreinigung
David Rauterberg had this interesting idea 10 years ago.
However, we wonder why no sponsors have been found yet
have to be able to offer such a great idea for free?
Hello concert guitar lovers, there is hope!
We all know that forums are dying, especially when it comes to things Concert guitar. According to Bernd C. Hoffmann on January 20, 2023 unexpectedly died "God have him blessed" is also the last with him German-speaking forum for concert guitars.
Harald and Peter, two enthusiasts have set out on a new one Forum-Klassikgitarre Exchange on classical and flamenco guitar
to send on your journey! MuBu says thank you!

"Peter's little notes and harmony"
What everyone needs to know about music - 121 pages.
Book - Harmony-Teaching as an Electronic Book (PDF)
- With jump marks for quick scrolling.
Book - Harmony-Teaching for printing (PDF)
- Pages oriented for printing.
Book presentations:
Instruments, composition, theory and handcraft (PDF)

Invention - Piano mechanics (PDF)
- The modest attempt to simplify the piano mechanics.
- We were thankfully supported by KAWAI Europe which supports
  us - as the only one of the major A- and E-piano manufacturers -
  an "action sample" of the latest generation of keys, their Grand Feel
  III keyboard free of charge.

Recommendation - MukerBude Favourite Songs (PDF)
- On several requests, I let myself be persuaded to do so.
  Songs - Albums - Vocals - SingerSongwriter - Concerts - Film
  Music - Instrumentalists and Composers to list.
  To remember the great songs was fun!

Report - Learning piano and notes (PDF)
- My experience report to learn to play the keyboard properly
  and teach you the basics of musical notation
  The elaboration shows diagrams of scales and chords
  and is supported by extensively researched links
  - on the topic - competently extended by Franz Itscher.

Theory - MusicDurchblick Videos ascending (PDF)
- In agreement with MusikDurchblick, MukerBude has their
  meanwhile well over 100 videos, in the order of their
  Release date, listed for better findability.
Theory - Learning notes with music perspective (PDF)
- Here is the MukerBude version, which contains the first-class of
  MusikDurchblick YT videos, to a chronologically continuous
  digital textbook.
  - This is only a first presentation of the project,
    in the further course of development, its optical design
    and aims to significantly improve handling.

G U I T A R S   ↑

Classical Nylons and modern Steelstrings ...

Here is my favorite music, musicians and instruments ...
And suddenly my III. Classical-Guitar is finished !

Construction report of my FIRST - Guitar met travelers (PDF)
- Practice in dealing with old tools - 86 pages.
Construction report of my SECOND - Round meets square (PDF)
- A detailed building instruction and construction report - 203 pages.
Construction report of my THIRD - Square meets triangle (PDF)
- A detailed building construction report comes with 117 pages.

Instructions - Back to 6-hole knotting block (PDF)
- Without problematic drilling on the knotting block!
- Optimal contact pressure of the strings!
- Simple winding and loosening of the strings!
Instruction - 12 hole knot block (PDF)
- Here we show you how to easily remove the bridge
  Expand your guitar by six holes.
Instruction - Rebonding of a concert guitar (PDF)
- You will have all the necessary tools in the household.
Instruction - Easy Guitar body construction (PDF)
- We reveal a well-kept secret !
  How to easily change the body shape of
  Concert guitars determined and draws.
  There was even an attempt to prohibit us from
  publishing this report.

JEDI - World's most comprehensive finder for female guitar builders
JEDI - World's most comprehensive finder for guitar builders
Stephan Connor - The American builds outstanding concert guitars
Christina Kobler - Haslach Austria - Guitar making with passion
Bernhard Kresse - Cologne FRG - Concert & Historical Guitar Workshop
Antonio & José Marin - Granada Spain - Classical Flamenco Guitars
Paul McGill - Vermont USA - Modern interpreted concert guitars
Theodoro & Beatriz & Sergio Pérez - Madrid Spain - At its best !
Masaki Sakurai - Tokyo Japan - Guitars developed with high technology
Smallman & Sons - Esperance Australien - Build for John Williams
Carolin & Max Strohmer - Nuremberg FRG - 4th generation guitars
My Strohmer will be 50 year, and her sound is better than ever !
Zebulon Turentine - An American who builds good concert guitars
Andreas Cuntz - 1a guitar builder so also his guitars
Greenfield Guitars - With very own look and sound
Christiina Kobler - Dreamlike beautiful and well clioning guitars
Kraushaar - Project Europe is one of the best guitars ever
Joe Veillette - His electric & acoustic guitars are very special
Daniel Zucali - Österreich - Tradition interpreted in a modern way

GUITAR SUMMIT 24 - 27. - 29. Sep. - EU bigest Guitarshow
Antwerpen Gitaar Festival - 15. to 17. November 2024
Hamburger Gitarrentage - All Events in the Year 2024
Guitar Show - 18. and 19. Mai 2024 in Padova Italien
EGB European Guitar Builders - Symposium 16. & 17. 05. Padova IT
Roma Expo Guitars - from 15. to 17. März 2024
NAMM 2024 25. to 28. Januar
NAMM 2024 25. to 28. Januar - bonedo berichtete ... !

We hope that the only German forum for concert guitars
Forum-Klassikgitarre can convince through knowledge!
After the forum "Learn to Play the Guitar" was discontinued,
it has torn a hole in the German guitar teacher landscape.
We recommend a long-standing forum:
Gitarrenboard - The German-language guitar forum
For the sole reason:
Because there is the first-class guitar and music theorist
MJCHAEL offers his knowledge in the subforum Music Theory !
You know his guitar knowledge or you can find it in the extensive
Campfire Diploma


A truly innovative evolution of the guitar!
Acoustics meets electronics !
The largest is 104 cm long and corresponds to a concert guitar.
The electronics can be compared to those of an Aranger keyboard.
Different sounds of the guitar, presented by Julia Lange
The prices, including the large model, are really moderate.
Carl Wockner shows more of the built-in electronics
DESIGNS - Kasha Guitar
The ideas of the two great luthiers (inventors) Johann Georg Stauffer and I incorporated both of them into my second construction project. A first serious development since then, is the guitar of Prof. Michael Kasha, who approached the development of this guitar purely mathematically.

Current representatives of this interesting construction method are:
Thomas Ochs - I was able to learn a lot from him - thank you
Jay Rosenblatt - Who deals and works with the Kasha models
Christas Mehner - Explains rudimentarily the Kasha guitar
Thomas Eichert - Builds Kasha concert guitars, among others

Elkayam Boaz and George Majkowski build Kasha guitars
Richard Schneider plays his Kasha model built in 1992
A review of the Richard Schneider model from 1992
Superprof - Private lessons near you, more than 1100 teachers
A. Augustine - Distributes only four concert guitars - MuBu Referral
Antonio Calida - Wholesaler also manufactures in China
Salvador Cortez - Builds cheap and good concert guitars
Duke Guitars - Basic and Student are two MuBu recommendations
Cort - First class guitar manufacture from South Korea
Framus - Classic, with the most advanced manufacturing methods
Furch - By tradition first class steelstring guitars
Godin - Their nylon electric guitars have become the world standard
Ibanez - Good guitars off the shelf with a lot of inovative development
Lakewood - German manufacturer that matures to the world's best
Martin & Co - Who does not know them, has missed the guitar sound
Maton - Australian extra class built for the world
Takamine - No stage without Takamine - Premium by Ibanez
Taylor - The sonorous basses among the steelstrings


Dik De Heer - Large collection of musician biographies!

POPKULTUR - The 150 best Rocksongs of the 1970er Years
52 years of exchanging information and inspiration for string instrument makers
Guild of American String Instrument Makers
The magazine musikmachen.de deals among other things with
many aspects of making music yourself. From childhood to
to the advanced musician age.
Making music increases intelligence!
Making music with children and creating self-confidence
Making music in the family because it's just great
Fun with music the best homemade
Actively making music the most beautiful thing in the world
The Fellowship of Acoustics NL very interesting and informative talks about A-guitars
Leif de Leeuw für The Fellowship of Acoustics
RollingStone TOP 100 Guitarists - A FAKE - MuBu clarifies
With a few exceptions, the really good guitarists are missing?
RollingStone's reports only purely commercially oriented.

Jaime Echagüe operates since 2006 BuscarInstrumentos.com

A blog dedicated exclusively to pianos/keyboards and guitars occupied. Unlike the testers showing their results in videos provide, Jaime writes everything very meticulously in his blog!

BUSCAR instrumentos - Concentrated knowledge about all guitar types

IMSLP - International Music Score Library Project
The Petrucci Music Library is a comprehensive music sheet music database! Thanks to the kind reader who sent us this link :-)
GUITARTABMAKER - Extensive collection for different styles

Guitar Concert Classic - Paris France - Selected Classical Guitars
Guitars International Armin Kelly - World finest Classic-Guitars
Guitars Salon International - Santa Monica USA - Finest guitars
Guitarras de Luthiers - Madrid Spain - Spanish guitar noble store
Kent Guitar Classics - Chipstead England - England Guitars Address
La Guitarra Flamenca - Wiesloch FRG & Sevilla Spain - Very dedicated
Mundo Flamenco - Freiburg FRG - Well Assorted Flamenco Guitars
Siccas Guitars - Karlsruhe FRG - ConcertGuitars of the extra class
Reverb - Used and new music equipment - buy and sell
Rall Guitars & Tools - First-class assorted guitar parts and accessories !
Rockinger - Instruments - Kits - Parts and much more
TONE MATTERS - Extensive accessories for electric guitars
Overview - Strings - Manufacturers (PDF)
- List of string manufacturers, history & brief evaluation.
Overview - Tuning Mechanisms - Manufacturers (PDF)
- List of tuning mechanisms for concert guitars.

Stuttgarter News - May 23 - Composing music with AI
Databass AI - Imagine - Create - Inspire
Mubert - Human AI Music Generator
MyEdit - Online sound effect generator & audio tool
STACCATO.AI - Can improve uploaded music and more !
Suno - Log in, enter keywords, listen to the composition !
udio beta - AI Music Generator of its own kind


WIKIBOOKS - Campfire diploma - A diploma of a total of 15 + 1
The book "Guitare" was criated from Red Rooster
and is now being managed by MJCHAEL
Mjchael you can ask questions in the Forums - Gitarre Spielen Lernen
All diplomas together, form a comprehensive as well as informative textbook for learning to play the guitar.


GITARRAD - Guitar types - overview with pictures, nice overview
GUITAR-RESOURCE - Guitar resources on the Internet a collection
Michael Ruhe Gitarren - Builds guitars with patented scale
Boulder Creek Guitars - Patented Bracing-System
Knowledge - FretCalculator (ODS)
- Excel spreadsheet in Open Data format - download starts on click.
Knowledge - Scores of the mensuration (PDF)
- A look at the guitar scale, all notes in b-bes and #-as.
Rick Beato 1. Part - Explains and shows guitars from 1929 - 1969
Rick Beato 2. Part - Explains and shows guitars from 1970 - 1979
Rick Beato 3. Part - Explains and shows guitars from 1980 - 1989
Rick Beato 4. Part - Explains and shows guitars from 1990 - 1999

Judith Beckedorf

Judith fascinates with her virtuosity of the instruments,
as well as her voice! In addition.
Judith is a first-class singer-songwriter and music educator.


Here is our top ranking of Classic-Guitarists:

Margarita Escarpa.......FIGG 2021
Stephanie Jones.........Latin Fingerstyle
Julia Lange.............Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Yenne Lee...............Autumn Leaves
Anabel Montesinos.......Altamira Home Concert
Edith Pageaud...........Oblivion
Ana Vidovich............Live in Baden Baden
Alexandra Whittingham...Danza Brasilera
Elena Zucchini..........Prelude I Villa Lobos

Brandon Acker...........Carillon
Ruben Diaz..............Rio de la Miel
Duo Cafe del Mundo......Symphonic
Eliot Fisk..............Bachs Cello Suite VI
Amir John Haddad........Dos Palomas Vuelan
Cecil Refik Kaya........Reyna von Daughters
Miroslav Tadic..........Livingroom Concert
Marc Teicholz...........Bach Rodeau BWV 826
John Williams...........Concierto de Aranjurez


By the way, we in the MukerBude also like finger-picking!
Björn Berge.............Give it away
Peter Finger............Maple leaf Rag
Barbara Gräsle..........Walkin' Shoes
Stefan Grossman.........Mississippi Blues
Michael Lucarelli.......The Entertainer
Igor Presnyakov.........The Entertainer
Richard Smith...........Beatles Medley

K E Y B O A R D S   und   P I A N O S   ↑

Since 1828 - Made by hand and finished with heart - History
World-renowned pianists refer to Bösendorfer pianos as the ROLLS-ROYCE of concert grand pianos.
Baubericht - Klavierbau bei Bösendorfer - Deutsch
Baubericht - The Making Of a Boesendorfer - Englisch
We wonder why such a mature grand piano sound, is predominantly used in jazz?
Anyone have an explanation for this? Please let us know ...!

World class meets enthusiasm at Berghaus Oberbölchen CH
We played along in front of the monitor and had a lot of fun.
Brendan Kavanagh offers a unique forum for this

Forums - Dealing with keyboards and pianos
clavio - Forum for Piano and Keyboard - Has competent answers
Keyboard Academy - Forum - Blog - Software - Video Courses and Help
Keyboarder_forum by Musiker Lanze - Current topics - Well attended
mt MUSIKTREFF Klavier-Forum - Very up-to-date and well attended
musikerforum - Musicians' Forum in cooperation with MusicStore
TAMINO-KlassikForum - Forum für Barock - Klassik - Romantik etc.
Magazine - Who run a forum and deal with keys
RECORDING - The community of music makers - Part of the magazine
SEQUENCER - Sequencer & synthesizer forum - Lot of interesting things
TONSTUDIO FORUM - Information for musicians and sound engineers

After the extensive keyboard research in 22/23,
we are currently playing two master keyboards in the MukerBude.

With 61 precise semi-weighted keys, for a nylon guitarist
like me, just the right board! Of course I play the KAWAI GS-60 Estate Grand LE by Production Voice.
Of course, this board is also available with 88 keys.
In classical music, there are only three composers who perform piano pieces for more than 61 keys !

M-AUDIO Hammer 88

For our pianist, whose seemingly outdated electric piano after 16 years has started to refuse to work some buttons.
Verdict of the repair expert: "Total economic loss."

"After 16 years of playing by a trained pianist, is an upper-class digital piano supposed to have been played too scrap ?"
Whoever believes it ... also knows Santa Claus.

Instead of a repair that brought the once high-quality electric piano up to the standard in terms of sound. of the noughties, we have decided, for much less money, than the cost of repairing a MIDI keyboard with the sound variety of all piano samples of the world.
Now the collage plays an M-Audio Hammer 88, with which all of us - especially him - preferred sound of the KAWAI GS-60 sample from Producion Voice.

His verdict, after two months of playing the M-Audio:
"Plays quite well and sounds really decent :-)"
At the beginning of 2024, a KAWAI ES 120 arrived. Unfortunately, my modest piano knowledge is not a benchmark for judging fully weighted keys - they are too heavy for me - but the sound can be heard!
Of the devices I've tested, it comes down to the clearly
more expensive jingle boxes from Kork and Roland.
For the price of round about 600, - Euro, a recommendation - MuBu 1
Several lists to simplify the purchasing decision.
This is how you can easily find the boards with the features
that are important to you.

Overview - Controller Keyboards up to 500 Euro (PDF)
- Comparison of low-cost controllers/master keyboards.
Overview - Digital pianos up to 500 euros (PDF)
- Comparison of digital pianos, keyboards and stage pianos.
Overview - Digital pianos from 500 to 1000 euros (PDF)
- Comparison of digital pianos, keyboards and stage pianos.
Overview - Keyboard Manufacturers - VST & SFZ - Reviews (PDF)
- Listing of keyboards in BRD - VST & SFZ - External Reviews.
Overview - Electric KeysInstruments & Piano Samples
- A compilation of the most important keyboards in Germany.
  These include: Digital pianos - Electric organs - Keyboards
  (including workstations) - MIDI controllers - stage pianos
  and synthesizers.
  Of course, the piano samples should not be missing here, which
  together with a cost-effective MIDI controller for first-class
  sounds worry. With mostly better sound than expensive stage pianos.
Overview - Electric Piano Recommendations (PDF)
- Which sounds better, modeling or sampling?
  A counter-transfer of current sounds.
  Extensive research and comparison of electric pianos
  with MIDI controllers and VST with SFZ samples.
Overview - Piano samples that we play ourselves (PDF)
- The Experience - FAZIOLI F308 - An acoustic enrichment.
Also take a look at the advice of Melanie - who forbade us to give her last name.
Melanie - Buying an electric piano, what you should pay attention to
delamar - An overview that can hardly be more complete
The most complex electric piano overview that can currently be found on the net.

NAMM Show - Of the year 2024
bonedo.de presents all the news and highlights worth knowing
Young people play instruments made from waste.
And it sounds really good!
The garbage orchestra from Cateura Paraguay - Deutschlandfunk
Concert with garbage orchestra from Paraguay - BSR Stadtreinigung
Magazines for music and musicians
Jazz-Fun - Magazine for Jazz Music - With a lot of info around
Smooth Jazz-Fun Network - USA Magazin for Smooth-Jazz
TheUrbanMusicScene.com - TUMS from USA is very extensive
Magazines for instruments
bonedo - The Musicians' Portal - All from the world of music
BuenasIdeas - Music Production and Homerecording - Well done!
clavio - A piano portal in German - A lot of interesting things
Delmar - (independent?) Fachmagazin für Musiker - Berichte etc.
KEYBOARDS - Electronic. Music. Instruments. - Reviews and more
PIANOO - Guide portal for digital piano and piano - Well done!
RECORDING - News - Reviews - Interviews - Workshop and Forum
RONDO - Das Klassik- und Jazz-Magazin - in German
SEQUENCER - Synthesizer, Sequencer, Nerdic Walking, Forum
Tastenwelt - News - Reviews - Practice - And a lot more
Even if most magazines have some form of Sponsor in it and/or behind it, it is at Amazona quite Obviously, managing director is Hans Thomann. In this, although not badly made sales magazine remains natural - an objective evaluation of the products - on the track.
Amazona - By Thomann - Interesting sales magazine
So always let a good portion of skepticism prevail.
The global instrument trade is a shark tank,
into which no shark would dare to enter.
Jaime Echagüe operates since 2006 BuscarInstrumentos.com

A blog dedicated exclusively to pianos/keyboards and guitars occupied. Unlike the testers showing their results in videos provide, Jaime writes everything very meticulously in his blog!

PIANO finder - Comprehensive reports on everything that has buttons

Six testers - four in English - have our appreciation!
When we are undecided with our opinion, we consult these
four/five specialists for advice, who also usually have answers.
Simeon Amburgey - PraiseTracks - Experienced instrument tester

Stu Harrison - From Merriam Music - Tests very detailed !

Guys, one thing you can't do, is show Stu to your wives :-|

Jeremy See - Independent - Buys all boards from own money

James Pavel Shawcross - Is ThePianoForever - Milan Record Studio

Jörg Sunderkötter & Yacine Khorchi - For PIANOO

The guys, make with their expertise really fun !

Klassika - Here you will find what you are looking for

A overview of well-known grand piano builders, will be expand...
Bechstein - Since 1853 and largest piano manufacturer in Europe
KAWAI Germany - Grand - Pianos - Hybrid & Digital Pianos
KAWAI dealer locator - in German-speaking countries - AT - CH - DE
Bauer-Music - 50 years of keyboard experience near Offenbach
Bechstein Cologne - In the newly renovated Bechstein Centrum
Bonners-Music - The renowned piano dealer in United Kingdom
Piano Faust - Celebrates 125th Anniversary - Well Sorted A&E Pianos
KAWAI Pianohaus Hamburg - First-class expertise over three floors
Piano Kreisel - Since 1864 well sorted and extremely competent
Piano Lang - Aachen area - An expert with passion for the piano
Piano Schmitz - Recommends "Play yourselves happy" - Well sorted
People, stay away from private Internet sellers who have nothing withdraw. Also, we do not recommend NoName products, also If they are advertised so full-bodied.
Where China is on it, there is usually cheap production in it.
The house brands of the big German dealers are mostly of decent quality, even if they (except for the often cheap price) have hardly anything special to offer.
Die Klaviermachermeister - Letuha & Müller Piano maker in Vienna
Klavier-Atelier - Gert Hecher - Restores historic pianos
Jonas and Bruno Kaiser are piano makers - With sound in the blood
Piano Lang - piano shop and master workshop for pianos
Piano Lang - Sensational YouTube-Channel - They are helped
PIANOVA - Blümke & Sund bring people and pianos together
PIANOVUM - M. Thron Master piano builder builds and restores pianos
Tobias J. Schmidt and son are KlavierAtelier - Piano Restauration
KlavierAtelier YT-Channel with reports from repair & restoration
RotheDesign - Jendrik Rothe repairs and restores pianos
Piano expert - in the Aachen area

Piano Maker - Book Author - Composer - Pianist -
YT-Channel Operators and Website Developers
and much more ...

Piano Lang 279 Videos - und - The other entry into the channel
Elaborations by Stefan Lang - Books


Instructions - Cost-effective installation of a SoftWare piano
It takes a computer, an audio interface a proper keyboard and headphones or speakers. Because the keyboards called MIDI controllers do not produce their own sound, which is also their great advantage. Even the most expensive keyboards can hardly compete with the digitized sounds.
Report - Current FreeWare DAWs with a short description
From the originally intended comparative test, in the course of the Research an installation and experience report about CakeWalk because it turns out to be a top-notch FreeWare DAW !
As we've learned, the Reaper DAW will be able to can continue to be activated free of charge.

CakeWalk - By BandLab - FreeWare DAW in a class of its own
Cakewalk Documentation - Help like others hardly offer
MusikSoftware - Home Recording Software Portal - You will find it
sforzando - Very powerful SFZ player easy to use

The European idea - Claudio versus Putin !
Remarkable song by Claudio Roncaldi that we would like to receive!
We thought critical singer-songwriters would be in before himself
degenerating, western world extinct, or of her
complete stupefaction fall victim by comedy.
H. D. Hüsch, G. Kreisler, R. May, H. Wader and others.
Hagen Rether - With his program LOVE:
Much more than just intelligent humor!
His razor-sharp Logig, is not for education-deniers. < br > One of the few who still dares to call people and things by their names!
44 Performances
Liebe - Program 1 - 5
By the way, a first-class pianist!
Bodo Wartke:
The country in which I want to live - We would join them
Das Grundgesetz, ganz im Stil von The BlueSpand
Jetzt oder Sinfonie! with the WDR Funkorchester
Slipped into commercial kitsch with "Barbaras Rabarberbar".

YouTube Channel - Marti Tom Fischer
YouTube-Channel - Prof. Dr. Andreas Kissenbeck
Here you can find Education & Science
Arranging and arranging the crahs course !
Understanding music - experiencing music! with a clear view

                 Fabian          Sebastian        Christine

... learn refreshingly colourful notes with MusikDurchblick

MukerBude chimes in:
We put their videos in order (PDF)
We are developing their videos into a music textbook (PDF)
Chaun C. Chang - Fundamentals of Piano Practice
Meanwhile already a real FreeWare classic!
American researchers have figured out the fastest way to learn to play the piano, by dividing the exercise into parts about 10 seconds long, then playing them and 10 seconds. does not play. In this 10 - 10 rhythm play through all the individual parts of the piece. Allegedly, what has been learned solidifies faster and more intensively.
It seems to work if only I wasn't so lazy...
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
- Scientists explain how to practice piano correctly

Bayrischer Rundfunk Klassik
- Practice properly - Tips from professionals

Piano teachers, of the many we looked at, convince us the most because of their good didactics.
Of course, there are other qualified piano teachers.
However, we have only looked in more detail at those which
which provide the widest possible free introduction to their
Provide lessons.

Fanny Engelhart - Piano School - Large YouTube video collection

Guys, practicing with Fanny is pure joy.
Try it out and you'll find out what I mean.

Thomas Forschbach - werdemusiker - Crash course & YouTube videos

Brendan Kavanagh is Dr K - 1. Class not only Boogie Woogie teacher

Learn piano with Melanie - On Saturdays there are new videos

Thorsten Schuchardt - His YT channel is a real treasure trove

Franz Titscher - YT Channel - Learn how to play the piano with fun

We at MukerBude are enthusiastic about his teaching method !
Chaun C. Chang - Fundamentals of Piano Practice
Mittlerweile schon ein echter FreeWare Klassiker!
Davide Di Bello is Dave Wave - Musiktheorie am Piano erklärt !

American researchers have discovered the fastest way to learn to play the piano, by dividing the exercise into parts lasting about 10 seconds, then playing them and not playing for 10 seconds. not playing. Play through all the individual parts of the piece in this 10-10 rhythm. Allegedly, this helps you to consolidate what you have learned faster and more intensively.
It seems to work, if only I wasn't so lazy....
Zürcher Zeitung - Scientists explain how to practise the piano properly
Bayrischer Rundfunk - Practicing correctly - tips from professionals

Small overview for orientation how good samples sound
10 Excellent Grand Piano Samples in comparison
Piano Samples compared to Steinway A188 - 1925
Three piano samples from Production Voice in a class of their own:
First-class entry for a few bucks with only 11 GB
Estate Grand LE - KAWAI GS-60
The same piano KAWAI GS 60 with more extensive adjustment options for a small 59 dollars
Estate Grasnd Piano - KAWAI GS-60
The large version from Production Voice - Concert Grand Complete recorded with nine microphone perpectives, 24Bit - 96kB and 3D Ambisonic Sound. With 1.1 TB unfortunately not for every computer configuration. $329 for the full version of the Steinway D New York 9' are not too much.

Sound sample of the Yamaha C7 by Production Voices.
Estate Grand Piano - YouTube-Report by Production Voice

Concert Grand Complete Full Version - STEINWAY D New York 9'
Concert Grand LE - Simeon Amburgey - A Testimonial
At the bottom of the page there are sound samples of the micropositions
Estate Grand Piano - YouTube report by Production Voice
Digital FreeWare SoundSamples in SFZ and VST formats
A_PIANO - 12 official sounding SFZ piano samples
FreePats - Akkustig Grand Pianos - Keep your ears open
MUSICAL ARTIFACTS - Piano samples in usable quality
POLYPHONE - Software instrument collection in good quality
PRODUCTION VOICES - Estate Grand a Kawai GS 60 SFZ Sample
Piano Dremers - A detailed list of VST pianos
Plugins4free - Instruments - Effects - MIDI - Hosts etc.
Not to mention the gigantic mass of VST plugins, of which
we said goodbye in 2022 to become 100% FreeWare!

Complex Theme - Hammer Mechanism of Piano Keyboards
clavio - Answers to the keystroke of the acoustic piano
Schimmel explains its mechanism in detail - PDF loads at click
Thomann - Explains SAMPLES in detail in eight chapters
WIKI - Explains piano, hammer and touch mechanics
WIKI - Explains the aftertouch on keyboards - The other mechanics
WIKI - Keyboard - A mechanism developed over centuries
WIKI - Stroke Piano - TouchTypes and Interesting Facts
WIKI - VelocityDynamics with many links

Hagen Rether
A YouTube channel that, for once, isn't one.
Here are 44 videos of the social critic.
His piano playing is remarkably mature!

Hagen Rether embodies something that has (become) rare:
An attitude. He never evades, but takes a stand,
even if it is uncomfortable.
Quote: Tina Schlegel for Münchner Abendzeitung


Martha Argerich........Scarlati Sonate 141
Hélène Grimaud.........Beethoven Nr, 4 Op. 58
Lynne Arriale..........Mountain of the Night
Khatia Buniatishvili...Tschaikowsky Piano Nr. 1
Anna Fedorova..........Piano Recital
Vanessa Gnaegi LaDyva..Ladyva's Stomp
Keiko Matsui...........Forever Varations
Maria João Pires.......Schubert Fantasy Op. 103
Rosalía Gómez Lasheras.Beethoven Piano Nr. 5
Hania Rani.............Live im Studio S2
Yuja Wang..............Tschaikowsky Piano Nr. 1
Younee.................My Piano - Classic & Jazz

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For the guitar hobbyists among you, I have developed a small aid,
which makes it very easy to construct the body of guitars.
It can be constructed in 8 steps with the simplest geometry.

It's really kids easy!

My III. Guitar is finished
Several months of calculation and 1/2 year of woodworking
Construction Report of the THIRD - Its Name is
"Triangle meets Square"" (PDF)

The construction of my SECOND has finished...

Two months of planning and one year of woodworking
Construction-Report of the SECOND - "Round Meets Agular" (PDF)

MukerBude Logo

Most important first

Book - Piano & learning - Notes - Theory - Scales - Chords (PDF)
Instruction - Install SoftWare Grand Piano (PDF)
Recommendation - Digital Pianos - Keyboards - MIDI Controllers (PDF)
Report - CakeWalk DAW with preview of other DAWs (PDF)
Instruction - Building report - THE THIRD is ready(PDF)
Instructions - Building an exact fit piano bench (PDF)
Instruction - Simple construction aid for corpus determination (PDF)
Instruction - Building report - THE SECOND - Is ready (PDF)
Invention - The country needs functioning tuning cranks (PDF)
Done in June of the year 2019 - Photo taken from a bicycle (PDF)
Instruction - Report of an full-acoustic travel guitar (PDF)
Invention - Fold cutter - Holding device for Dremel (PDF)
Calculation - Frets Distance from nut and fret width (ODS)
Book - Peters small notes and harmony teaching - E-Book (PDF)
Book - Peters small notes and harmony teaching - PaperBook (PDF)
Instruction - Building an acoustic lap steel string guitar (PDF)
Instruction - Drill yourself 12-hole knottingblock easy (PDF)
Instruction - Replace frets of your classic guitar yourself (PDF)
Instruction - Stratocaster becomes a nylon guitar (PDF)
Recommendation - Best classic guitars under 1000€ (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a guitar from vegetable boxes (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a drill stand made of wood (PDF)
Instruction - Downsize a guitar neck made very simple (PDF)
Calculation - Pressure force of strings on the bridge (PDF)
Report - Cort NTL 20 F - Western Guitar in Jumbo style (PDF)
Report - Salvador Cortez CS-205 - petite concert guitar (PDF)
Report - Ibanez MASA SX72 - little western guitar (PDF)
Book - A fairy tale - My Concert aunt tells her life (PDF)
Recommendation - To learn guitar, theory & sheet music (PDF)
Recommendation - New nylons - long neck, narrow body (PDF)
Invention - Arm pad for small acoustic guitars (PDF)
Invention - Cajon - with tuning and disconnectable snare (PDF)
Invention - Chords TABs for piano with link to download txt-file
SoftWare - Installation Guide - Guitar Pro 6 lite (PDF)
Studio - Example for a HomeRecording Studio (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar techniques - trying to list them (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar fretboard notes for sharp # and flat b (PDF)
Knowledge - Circle of fifths in two tables Major and Minor (PDF)

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