2021 is themed - GUITARS
Every month a different guitar shape

Construction report of the THIRD - Oval meets triangle
With the construction of my III. I would like to express my ideas of new concert guitars in terms of sound and design.

German Jazz Award 21 03.06. - Many fascinating musicians HomemadeTools - 345 How to build guitar tools yourself Eduard Schielein - Interesting construction report in 160 pictures

Insights into instrument making 06.2021
Tonedevil show their building reports in 5 videos



HarpGuitar builder
Mike Doolin - No longer building in 2008, but still has lots of tips
. Dyer - Guitars and HarpGuitars - S. Holloway & J. Worland
Emerald Guitars - New materials with exquisite sound
Stephen Sedgwick - Guitars and HarpGuitars - Bochum
Timberline Guitars - Only off the shelf harp guitar in FRG
Anthony and David Powell are the ToneDevil company

Gregg Miner's Blogg - HarpsGuitars Museum
Bernd Hoffmanns - Classical Guitar and Flamenco Forum
HarpsForum and Wiki

bonedo - Gives a buying advice - Well with whom probably...
People, when buying a harpGuitar applies even more than when buying a "normal" guitar.
Unseen buy on the Internet goes absolutely not.
But since we assume that no beginner wants to start with a HarpGuitar, should have some experience with guitars and dealers.
Our humble recommendation:
Telefoniert you through the HarfenGitarrren builders and players and ask for used instruments and / or cheap new.

harpguitars.net - Two centuries of guitar history
musikmachen - Hotel California on a harp guitar

Know How
Encyclopedia of traditional harp guitarists
Johann Gottfried Scherzer - 1860 Contra-Guitar
WIKI - HarpsGuitar or guitarsHarp or contraGuitar

Musicians - YouTube Channel
Jamie Dupuis

Virtuosos on the guitar harp

A very personal selection of the MukerBude

Brian Addison......Carmina Burana von Carl Orff Muriel Anderson....The Water is Wide
Stephen Bennet.....November
Javier Carballo....Scarborough Fair
Nancy Conescu......The Water is Wide
Joachim Csaikl.....Vienna ContraGuitar
Mike Doolin........Overjoyed
Antoine Dufour.....Paroxysm
Jamie Dupuis.......The Sound of Silence
Rudolf Gnadl.......Traditionell
Michael Hedges.....Cello Suite in G Dur J.S.Bach
Gabriele Janneck...Choralvariationen Falkenhagen
Tommy Loose........The Love I Kept A Secret
Yaouen Le Marin....Celtic Wind
Gregg Miner........Desert Island
Kinloch Nelson.....Bouree von J.S.Bach
Martin Pleass......Gathering Contribution
Dave Powell........Year of the Cicada
John Robert Riley..A Musical Journey
Pasquale Taraffo...Spanisches Medley 1927
Andy Wahlberg......Emmet's Rising

My own Work

MukerBude develops for the world...

For the guitar hobbyists among you, I have developed a small aid, which makes it very easy to construct the body of concert and western guitars. can be constructed. In just a few steps with the simplest geometry.

It's really easy for children!

The construction of my SECOND has finished...

Two months of planning and one year of woodworking
Construction-Report of the SECOND - "Round Meets Agular" (PDF)

MukerBude Logo

Most important first

Instruction - Simple construction aid for corpus determination (PDF)
Instruction - Building report - THE SECOND - Is ready (PDF)
Invention - The country needs functioning tuning cranks (PDF)
Done in June of the year 2019 - Photo taken from a bicycle (PDF)
Instruction - Report of an full-acoustic travel guitar (PDF)
Invention - Fold cutter - Holding device for Dremel (PDF)
Calculation - Frets Distance from nut and fret width (ODS)
Book - Peters small notes and harmony teaching - E-Book (PDF)
Instruction - Building an acoustic lap steel string guitar (PDF)
Instruction - Drill yourself 12-hole knottingblock easy (PDF)
Instruction - Replace frets of your classic guitar yourself (PDF)
Instruction - Stratocaster becomes a nylon guitar (PDF)
Recommendation - Best classic guitars under 1000€ (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a guitar from vegetable boxes (PDF)
Instruction - Construction of a drill stand made of wood (PDF)
Instruction - Downsize a guitar neck made very simple (PDF)
Calculation - Pressure force of strings on the bridge (PDF)
Report - Cort NTL 20 F - Western Guitar in Jumbo style (PDF)
Report - Salvador Cortez CS-205 - petite concert guitar (PDF)
Report - Ibanez MASA SX72 - little western guitar (PDF)
Book - A fairy tale - My Concert aunt tells her life (PDF)
Recommendation - To learn guitar, theory & sheet music (PDF)
Recommendation - New nylons - long neck, narrow body (PDF)
Invention - Arm pad for small acoustic guitars (PDF)
Invention - Cajon - with tuning and disconnectable snare (PDF)
Invention - Chords TABs for piano with link to download txt-file
SoftWare - Installation Guide - Guitar Pro 6 lite (PDF)
Studio - Example for a HomeRecording Studio (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar techniques - trying to list them (PDF)
Knowledge - Guitar fretboard notes for sharp # and flat b (PDF)
Knowledge - circle of fifths in two tables Major and Mior (PDF)

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